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ceracoating glock whole glock

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I have heard from multiple sources that you can't change the color of the lower part of a glock with any lasting success. I talked to a guy who ceracoats, and he insists his will never come off. I know he's trying to sell me stuff, has anyone tried it?
I would love to make my 19 grey and put the nose art off an A10 on it. Also, if I did would it alter the texture of the grip?
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go title typo....preview is your friend
Not sure on the lasting part but it sure sounds like a cool plan on artwork. If done right it should look awesome.
The guy I spoke to had a really cool idea. I am also considering going for a ww2 fighter look. Could be fun
Not my fav but found this
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it would be something like that, but he was talking about adding rivets and a slight distressed look...also using the warthog face and not the shark.

I was thinking that having served (much later) in the 8th air force that it would be cool to find usable art from an old ww2 fighter. this is a $200+ project so I have time to ponder it since it won't be happening too soon :p
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Don't know if there is enough room to make the shark or hog artwork look good but maybe something like this
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that's sweet, that would be ok too. I was actually wondering how you could incorporate the logo on it, and that's a great way
My wife would hate me
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nice blender :p
You have been lied to repeatedly, if those sources were talking about cerakote. Cerakote on the frame is good 2 go
The M&P look okay with the shark because of the scallop slide looks like shark gills IMO
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My local gun store offers Cerakote'd Glock's, and I have seen the entire gun, including frame coated. They look good initially. It does work. The issue they do caution about is the obvious. If the plastic is hit or bumped, it deforms in ways harder substances do not, which can lead to imperfections showing more easily.

A chrome car bumper might get a glancing blow by a shopping cart and not show a mark, but a plastic bumper with PPG paint over it may get a gouge or physical scratch going through the paint and into the softer material below with the same glancing blow.

The guns look good, and the ones they have on display have held up to normal handling and look nice. So if it is going to be a decorative item that is wrapped in a towel going to the range, it may be great... I just wouldn't test it by letting it rattle around with loose magazines in an range bag or routinely carried or be moved across hard surfaces and expect the same results you would get from coating on top of metal.
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one of my polymer Bulgarian AK mags is cerakoted the same color of the rifle. Its been dropped repeatedly on various surfaces, thrown loose in bags with other loose items, etc and looks like it did on day 1
Cerakote is very durable, better than others.
Sure it will last.
Go for it and enjoy!
There sure is some sweet imagery one can add to customize a pistol. Very impressive, especially that 1911.

Check out below the link to the American Flag Desert Eagle from Tom's Custom Guns....amazing!!
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