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Centerfire Training Summer Schedule

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by Scott 40S&W, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Summer Schedule 2010
    June 19th Gun Disarming and Retention techniques $85
    June 26th & 27th NRA Handgun Instructor $250
    July 10th Basic Pistol $125
    July 11th Utah Non -resident CCW $125
    July 17th Home Defense $125
    July 23rd –25th GON Blast in Macon
    July 31st Carbine Fundamentals $125
    August 7&8th AR-15 Armorers course $350
    August 25th 1911 Armorers course $225
    August 26th & 27th Sig Pistols Armorers course $395
    August 28th & 29th Suarez International Defensive Pistol Skills $350

    This fall will bring rifle courses like Basic Rifle, Precision Rifle and a Hunting Rifle course. We are working on a scope clinic to improve knowledge about all the different scopes on the market today.
    The winter months we plan on holding more armorers courses and reloading courses along with some shooting classes

    A deposit is required to guarantee you a slot in the class. Some classes require student books that must be ordered 2 weeks in advance. Please sign up early since most classes will fill up.
    Or Contact
    Scott Vandiver
    NRA Sr.Training Counselor
    Tactical Firearms Instructor