CD-RW and Express card help

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    1-I have some data CD-RW's that were created on a dell comp running windows ME using direct cd software. When I try to use the cd-rw to write to or view files on a dell running windows XP (roxio I think) it does not recognize the cd and tells me its a new cd with no info on it. The files were created using microsoft works which is installed on both computers. How do I edit /view the files on the cd from my computer running XP?

    2-I have a dell laptop running XP..I didnt get an internal wireless card when I bought it..I was going to buy the wireless card(linksys)to match the wireless router I have. It came with a "express card" slot to which a regular wireless card wont work with. I have to use an express card which I have not been able to find. Any ideas where to find one? Anyone ever had this issue? I currently use a USB wireless adapter which sucks because I can only use it within about 30 ft of the router before I am out of range. Any ideas on a internal wireless card? I have a dell inspirion b 130. Thanks for any help.