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CCW Question about transporting non pistol firearms

  1. I was told that as a CCW holder in Michigan that it also allows you to transport long guns pretty much any way you want, i.e. in your backseat uncased.

    I was told this by a LEO.

    I can't seem this in any of the michigan firearms laws.

    Anyone know more on this.

  2. The LEo was wrong. That's why it was labeled a "CPL" .....concealed pistol license.

    Long guns must be "empty" and cased and out of reach of anyone in the vehicle (preferably in a trunk) even if you have a CPL.
  3. Thanks, I am going to stop by the sherriffs office on my way to work tomarrow.
  4. For what?
    The sheriff probably won't have the right answer either.
    Tallbear has given you the correct information, but if you doubt him, the place to turn is the Michigan State Police Firearms Unit in Lansing.
  5. Yeah, after I thought about it I doubt they know what they would be talking about.

    Thanks again.
  6. Don't forget that all detachable magazines for the long gun must be empty also...
  7. That one right there has always chapped my ass. Who wants to be loading 30 rounders at the range when there is shooting to be done?
  8. Holy Crap! Talk about entrapment.
  9. Not here in Nevada...:hugs: :hearts: :banana: anything goes in a car or truck.:tongueout: ;)
  10. Well don't you feel special? :tongueout:
  11. Yup...that's one of the reasons I moved here from Michigan. Not the main reason but a nice benefit.:thumbsup: