CCW in Hospital

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    Too sad but was just pondering last night if I leave the 23 home when my wife gives birth to our 3rd child in the next few weeks. WELL.....This answered the questiona s this is THE hospital we will be at when that blessed day comes.

    Danbury Hospital shooting suspect wounded in struggle

    DANBURY -- A patient being treated at Danbury Hospital for a heart ailment pulled a handgun from his johnnycoat and fired it several times, wounding a male nurse before he was subdued Tuesday afternoon.

    The gunman was also wounded when the gun discharged again while he was being subdued by hospital staffers.

    Neither man's injuries were considered life-threatening, according to police.

    The male nurse, identified by a co-worker only as "Andy," was hit at least twice and was in stable condition, authorities said. Hospital president Frank Kelly hailed him as a hero, saying he may have saved the life of another nurse when the gunman opened fire.

    "He heroically intervened in defense of another co-worker," Kelly said.

    The shooting occurred at 2:34 p.m. in the cardiac care unit on the hospital's eighth floor.

    A nurse on the scene said that her friend, also a female nurse, saw a male patient sitting on the floor when she stepped out of an elevator on the eighth floor. Her friend went over to ask if he needed help, and he pulled out a gun. She was able to jump out of the way.

    Det. Lt. Thomas Michael said the shooter, who allegedly was a male patient at the hospital, is now in police custody. Both Danbury and state police are on the scene, under the direction of Danbury police.

    A Danbury Hospital spokesperson called the shooting "an isolated incident." The hospital is working under normal conditions.
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    Weird story. I wonder what the motive was and / or the mental status of the shooter.