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ccw at a traffic stop

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by Patriot78, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Patriot78


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    May 9, 2009
    Hello again Mas,

    I know that this particular question can range a whole gambit of answers so I'll ask your opinion in direct correspondents to my specific scenario that may apply .

    I have been subjected to opposing views on the subject of if you are pulled over during a routine traffic stop should you give the officer your ccw permit. One school of thought is that you will " scare " the officer because he knows at that point he is dealing with an armed individual . The other school of thought is that the " Informed " officer will understand that if the subject he has performed a traffic stop on hands them a ccw permit then they will realize that they are dealing with a non felon and an individual that is basically an outstanding citizen .

    I understand that this basically can boil down to the indavidual officer making the stop and can vary due to demograpic and geography ( ie : what part of town ) so I'll give you my particular most case scenario .

    Me : White Male 32 years old. Tattoos and piercings driving a beater S.U.V. in a moderate to high crime suburb of a major metropolitan city.

    1 : I always keep my hands on the steering wheel and greet the officer in a friendly manner.

    2 : Always ask permission to reach for my wallet and insurance card .

    3 : ALWAYS get searched by the officer ( And I've had LEO friends tell me they would do the same ) because I look like someone that may be into drugs.

    4: Will giving them my ccw permit keep the from tearing apart my car looking for drugs that aren't there and saving me the hassle of demanding a search warrent ?

    Again , I know that this question is rather dependent upon the officer performing the stop ; Just curious to how you would handle the situation if you were a scary looking tattooed citizen with nothing to hide ?
  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
    Your post shows that you understand one of the prices any of us pays for a counterculture appearance and/or lifestyle. Understanding is good.

    Most of your plan is pretty sound. Don't expect a CCW to save you any hassles. Sometimes it CAN, but there's no guarantee that it WILL.

    You didn't mention what state you live in. There are some where CCW holders are REQUIRED to inform any officer they come into contact with to ID themselves as such. Handing over the CCW with the DL will GENERALLY cover that, although I've heard of one state in the North where this was not held to be the case. Know the laws where you are, whether at home or traveling.

    Stay safe,