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CCW and Valley Metro?

  1. Does anybody know if you are allowed to CCW on the Valley metro Buses? Have to take the bus for the 1st time tomorrow, and was unable to find anything about it on their website . . .
  2. Well, I survived my bus trip, and this is what I discovered. In 4 of the 6 buses I rode on yesterday, they had standard "No guns and knives" picture sign, along with the other prohibited items; loud stereos, food and drink, smoking, etc. (Red circle with a line thru it over a pic of a Colt Auto-looking handgun and a large knife.)

    Since one doesn't see these until you're in the bus and seated, IF one were to unknowingly carry a weapon onto a city bus, I wonder if the driver wold be so good as to secure it for you until you reach your stop . . .?
  3. I don't think people should obey stupid laws. After all "we the people" are the authority anyway...
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  5. They should have it posted on the outside of the bus, just like its posted on the outside of anti establishments. Its a easyone to play dumb with. Hey I looked for a sign before I got on and I didnt see one! and that aint no lie
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  7. Do not try to ride the bus with a firearm exposed. The drivers are instructed to stop, call the police, and wait to have you removed. As a public venue, they have a right to exclude firearms from their vehicles [not that I agree with this - carry CCW and avoid the mess].
  8. It's not illegal. It's like carrying into a store with a "no guns" sign. All they can do is ask you to leave and call the cops for trespassing if you don't (the cop will ask you to leave, and if you don't you can be arrested).

    Of course, that's if they spot it. Don't show them anything to complain about.

    Post Offices, schools, court houses, national parks (but not forests), the state house, etc. (and technically places that serve alcohol) are the only places where you can be arrested for carrying.

    On a side note, I went to the circus at AW--I mean USAir--Arena last weekend, and they had prohibitions on video cameras, outside food & drink, but no weapons. We had expected a weapon ban, so our party left three guns and half a dozen knives in our trunks.

    Their private property rights trump your gun rights. Unfortunately their "private property" (in the cases of Valley Metro & our sports & events venues) is funded by our taxes.