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CCL Expired 3-20-7 although I sent renewal in.

  1. I sent in my renewal 60 days ago but Ok. has 90 days to reissue the license. So after today (30 days since the actual expiration date) I can no longer cary concealed. I'm counting the days that go by and can't wait to check the mail each day.

    Anybody else ever had this problem???
  2. No.I've sweated it a couple of times but they always delivered before I expired.
  3. I can't stand not carrying. Its not a good feeling at all & I don't want to get used to it. Any ideas on who I could call to speed up the process????????
  4. Sucks waiting for government permission to exercise a federal and state-constitutionally guaranteed right, doesn't it? This is unfortunately a known issue with the OSBI right now, and while chevydriver and I are doing as much as we humanly can as carry instructors to try to rectify this issue, we can't fix the problem alone. You must remember, you are asking an government organization for their blessing to carry...an organization that doesn't want any citizen to _own_ guns, let alone carry them. Needless to say, they aren't in any sort of a hurry to give it to you, and will drag things out as long as humanly possible they can possibly get away with, while still complying with the technical letter of the law.

    While I don't have any recommendations in the short-term to speed things up unfortunately, I know this is a major inconvenience for you and sympathize nonetheless. If you want to do something about this and other issues going forward, please consider joining the ORA to help support our gun rights, and help put pressure on the OSBI to fix their reissuance and licensing system. Right now the OSBI has been letting renewals take as long as they can get away with...I've heard of cases of 120 days plus to get your renewal/license, which they really aren't supposed to do needless to say. And this is just one of the many screwed-up issues with our wonderful OSBI, and I'm afraid these issues will continue to crop up without constant pressure from groups like the NRA, ORA, and other grassroots gunowners' groups.

    In the future, the day 90 days before your license expiration rolls around, I highly recommend you have your renewal app in the mail to the OSBI, to give yourself 120 days for them to get off their asses (90 days + 30 day grace period) and reissue your license. I recommend the above to all my students in the classes we teach for the exact reason you're now encountering.
  5. You got that right AC. Live and learn. Thanks for the advice and you are 100% right about the OSBI. They don't get into any hurry unless there is something in it for them. It couldn't take more than just a few days to have a complete report from their records and sources but then again its all about "control".
  6. This has been an on-going problem with OSBI since day one of the Self-Defense Act. ORA and the OK legislature need to fix this with a new law giving them 30 days. They seem to have an agenda to wait as long as they legally can to issue.

    I've had the same problem, but a call to my senator got them in gear.
  7. Glad to hear you were able to get a faster response than usual. As the saying goes-its not what you know but who you know. ;)
  8. HURRAY!!! It came certified mail today. I'm good for another 5 years! :banana:
  9. So is the problem at OSBI a result of proven/substantiated systemic anti armed citizen bias or is it just a typical systemic inefficiency and resources and priorities issue?
  10. A little of both I believe.