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CCI Small pistol primers in stock at Powder Valley

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Powder Valley has CCI 500 small pistol primers in stock this afternoon.
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This isn't news. They've had those in stock more often than they've NOT had them in stock for over a year. Almost every time I check, they have them.

I prefer Federals though, as I use light striker spring. CCIs are fine for stock Glocks.

But yeah... these have almost always been in stock there.

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Well.... I wouldn't go THAT far. PV still rarely has Federal SPP, but they seem to usually have CCI SPP.
Agree, until every brand is back on the shelves, it aint over until it's over. I am fine with anything other than Wolf/Tula though. Even in my tuned guns they all go bang.

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Why can't folks just say "Thank you" to this GT'er.

Thanks for taking the time to let me (us) know.
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