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CC at Lake Powell?

  1. Going to Lake Powell this week. I know that it is illegal to carry in a National Park. From what I can tell Lake Powell is a National Recreation Area and certain area's around the lake are National Monuments. I assume it should be ok to CC while I am there. Anyone know anything different than that? Thanks!
  2. Concealed means concealed... ;)
  3. Lake Powell is National Rec Area, not a National Park.

    You can carry down there without a problem. If you have a Utah permit you can go into Arizona as well and be ok.

    I chuckar hunt there every year in September with family friends. We've had numerous run ins with the park service that doesn't like guns there but fully knows they are legal.

    Nothing more fun then getting surrounded by three park service boats when you come back from morning hunt. Make sure all you're stuff is up to date. The Park Service looked for life-jackets for everyone, checked boat registration paper, looked for a throw able, checked the fire extinguisher, and also checked the head of the boat to see that the macerator was disconnected so you couldn't dump waste into the lake. They so wanted to charge us with something but left frustrated once they started running background checks and found out there were 2 Federal security officers in the group and 8 out 10 people in the group produced CCW cards.
  4. Great advice! It sucks to get hassled by LE but its pretty great when they are so hell bent on writtng you up and they leave without wasting any ink! :laughabove: :banana:
  5. To serve and protect, apparently.

    I've carried around Lake Powell and the area with no problems.
    But I've never been stopped, either.
  6. They were set on trying to find anything they could. Seeing the fire extinguisher wasn't enough. They checked the charge on the fire extinguisher. If anyone's extinguisher has been sitting in the boat for a while it might need to be inverted and smacked with the palm to displace the particulates and restore a full charge.

    The throw able was placed in the water to make sure it would float because it had its place in the boat as the captain's seat cushion; they were concerned about it's ability to perform as a throw able when used as a cushion.

    The funniest part was that they never did bother to check any of the birds we were carrying back to make sure they were all chuckars.