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Caught a few bass...

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Went fishing a few weeks ago and got 2 bluegill and one crappie. Just used my Ugly Stik and a jig. Started out with worms but nothing was biting until dark and caught a few fish but let the little things go cause the skeeters were out in force.

Went again the other night more prepared. OFF spray and only got 2 ticks and a few skeeter bites. Considering I could hear a few thousand buzz around my head but they all stayed away for the most part.

I caught two bass this time around using live minnows. One decent sized bluegill actually got a minnow as well. Both the largemouth bass were small things. I lost several more small bass as they'd hit and run on my minnows or I didn't set the hook well enough. My hook was probably a bit too small but I didn't feel like retying the hook on the offchance I'd get a bigger bass.

Cedar Creek Lake in Lincoln County, KY. It's pretty darned new and becoming a good place to fish!