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Caturday is upon us. All is well....

  1. It's on, cuz.

  2. [​IMG]

  3. :wavey: Hiya Peace Warrior! :wavey: I am, slowly, but surely. Thanks for asking.

    Seeing this video kinda makes me think of any story okie tells.
    This cat walked into the bar.........

    Here's my Caturday contribution.

  4. No cats for me. :dog:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Do we really need a new thread every Saturday?
  7. Yes.

    Yes we do.
  8. Molly yesterday.
  9. I like these "caturday" threads. At least it puts all the fruits in one basket so tp speak.:tongueout:

    I know who I am not going camping with at least. :tongueout: When a full grown man waits breathlessly all week for 'caturday' and then looks at pics of kittens up to their old hijinks with delight, well, lets just say I wouldn't want to drop the soap in the shower around him.:rofl: I just kidding you big fairies.

  10. You mean you would drop the soap? :faint:

  11. [​IMG]
  12. She grew up to be one beautiful cat, Tim. :thumbsup:

    Call me what you will, but I for one really like seeing other people's kitties. Especially since I haven't seen my own since September.
  13. Here's Princess and Winky
  14. Nice kitties Turretg!!!

  15. OK! :supergrin: :wavey: :cat:


  16. No one made you click on it...
  17. :cat:
  18. [​IMG]




  19. You don't have to click them if you don't like them.
  20. oh hell to the yah!!! I dig Caturdays around here!!!!! :thumbsup:
  21. I am stretching my lower back and legs after a long (85.3 miles) bike ride... kitty had a few things to say about that! :whistling:
  22. Considering the op's video, we should call this one "BOBcaturday"

  23. Read my last post! :whistling: :supergrin:
  24. Here's my Maine Coon Cat, Mia.
  25. yes :supergrin:
  26. [​IMG]
  27. [​IMG]

  28. No, we don't NEED it, but it sure is great. I love Caturday threads.

  29. Nice looking cat!
  30. Glad you like 'em as well Peach!!! :wavey:

    I recently found out that LW was on the mend and has an affinity for cat threads/photos; so knowing, if I don't see a Caturday thread by midday Saturday, I'm gonna start one for the enjoyment of at least one of GT's members. I don't care if they make jokes about a grown man liking itty bitty kittys. Besides, that "tag ur it - I'm living with morons" one was hilarious! :rofl:
  31. Glock 20:

    That is one fine pic.

    I miss my kitty. He went to kitty heaven about a year ago. And, no, I'm not gay. I also have two dogs.

    Keep Caturday alive. It is one of my favorites.
  32. Peace Warrior, I can assure you that the GT member you are referring to really appreciated this thread and your well-wishes. I like the cat pics myself. Bring on some more!

  33. I look forward to another Caturday!!! Comin' right up!!

  34. Somethin is about ta have a real bad day.'08. :shocked:
  35. ^^ What she said ^^

    Ask and ye shall receive...


  36. Who's taking care of your kitties? I like the first one, very Hollywood...:supergrin:

    This morning, I opened the hood of my car to find a small raggedy-looking cat sitting on the engine. My entreaties and attempts to pick it up just made the cat burrow deeper in the compartment, so after alternately calling it and shooshing it away from the fan, where it went at one point, it sat on the exhaust pipe where I couldn't get at it, and refused to budge. I gave up and started the engine to scare the cat away, it worked. I only did so after it was as far away from the fan and belts as possible.

  37. I had to give them to my Ex-BF before I shipped out. I just hope I can track his ass down when I get back stateside :dunno:

    Here's another pic of "Miss Hollywood"...



    And my older kitty


    I'm glad to hear the kitty you just met didn't get itself hurt. too bad it wouldn't let you near it.

    wonder if TheVeryIdea has seen his favorite kitty this week.

  38. [​IMG]
  39. [​IMG]
  40. [​IMG]
  41. Can I haz more toy mousies to drownd?


  42. That is pretty funny, mine like to put their toys in the tub.
  43. Somethin funny and related.I was gettin up ta go ta work and all of a sudden I hear my Mastiffs RAISIN cain.I run outside armed/any of you who saw my post in the Outpost will understand.I get ta see simmy/our 19yo male on the roof of our house.I try ta coax him down/FAIL.Katherine pulls in and tells him "GTF down off my roof".He jumps inta a tree and meanders rt by me and snuggles up ta her.Ta add insult ta injury my pups tackle him ta see if he is ok.Simmy raised my Mastiffs and he can do anything he wants ta them.I'm sitting there with a WTF on my face and the pups and K are heading in,I'm heading out.Cats, go figure.'08.
  44. Here's another "HEY, WATCH THIS!" moment....

  45. Here!!! Here!!!! :beer:

    IT'S CATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! :wavey:
  46. You're right, it is. 0925 here;

  47. [​IMG]