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I've been very happy with this mold for the KelTec P32.

Here is a great article by C.E. "Ed" Harris on the 32ACP. He suggests 1.8 Bullseye, among other loads. I asked him on a forum if it would be too much for the little KT to handle and he thought it would be fine. I started with 1.5 and it functions the gun perfectly and hits a piece of printer paper just fine at 15 yards. I saw no need to load any hotter than 1.5. If I was going to use the 32ACP for small game hunting in a more appropriate gun, I would have tried other combinations, but I just wanted a "ball" round to practice with and the load I tried works great for that.

ETA: My bullets drop at 95 grains and I tumble lube them with liquid alox after sizing them to 0.311 in a Lee push through sizer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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