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Case failures (KABOOM) in .22 LR?

  1. Had two case failures (base of the case) today at the Armscor range using .22 LR's. The first one was with the Walther P22 using Armscor hi-velocity rounds. No damage as far as I could tell both to myself and the pistol. Right after, I fired the Remington 597 using Remington Cyclone (hi-vel HP) rounds. Again a case failure. No damage to myself but I lost the extractor. Will have to procure one (I don't know where to buy them) one way or another.

    I think the reason is that the weapons failed to cycle properly and did not lock. Both weapons will still fire even if the bolt is not locked. The bottom half of the casings were probably exposed.

    Both weapons have probably gone through 50 rounds apiece without cleaning. This is the first time that this has happened to me. Not sure what precautions I may have to take in the future as regards maintenance.
  2. My Browning Buckmark KB'ed on a cheap Remington bulk pack once. Blew out the extactor.
  3. In your email you pointed out picture 21 of the schematic diagram, which is the EXTRACTOR. Or did you lost both?
  4. Lost the extractor.
  5. My friend Arthur's Llama XV .22 LR blew up after using CCI's. The old brittle metal of the old Llama's wasn't able to handle the pressure, the slide cracked, and some internals were damaged. No real injury to him, he dropped the gun after he fired, he was merely shaken up.

    His dad had a similar experience, this time with worse results. His dad had a 1955 Llama IIIA (looks like a 1911, but is chambered in .380) and fired +P Cor-Bons through it, the gun fired around 3 rounds with no hitches but on the fourth round, the gun couldn't take it. It sent small shards of metal into Tito Ray's hand, which had to be surgically removed. This resulted in some minor nerve and muscular damage, he can no longer fire or grip a gun with his right hand.

    I'm surprised that sir Poodle's P22 KB'd, if it just had failure to feed I would understand, but KB? What did the dealer say about getting you an extractor sir? I assume you got the P22 from Nashe.
  6. It was assumed that it fired out of battery thus the case failures. The chamber must be dirty and the round was not feeding fully in the barrel.
  7. Maybe its time to get a Ruger:) have not had any Kabooms with my Rugers yet.
  8. amen to that! Lots of them for sale at Twin Pines MCS, target models etc, prices start at roughly 25-26k...
  9. My gunsmith's customer's Taurus 22B's slide cracked after firing a couple of mags of CCI Stingers in it. Another customer who was at the shop when the pistol was brought there commented that these pistols can't handle the pressure of the CCI Stingers.
  10. Will the Ruger's take any kind of .22 ammos including the high velocity types?
  11. I'm pretty sure that Rugers can use high vel ammo, most Rugers are overbuilt anyway.

    P.S. The Llama's I mentioned were pre-1955 to 1960's models, which explains why they couldn't handle the pressure. Newer Llamas are of better quality, especially their centerfire pistols.
  12. The P22 wasn't damaged as fas as I can tell. The KB blew out the extractor of the Remington 597. There was probably nothing wrong with the pistol and the rifle. Both weapons haven't been cleaned for a long time and the guns probably fired out of battery. The bottom part of the casings were exposed.
  13. Check mo rin slide baka madumi.