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old agency, supervisor cars do not have cages. tie up younger guys to transport for them (clean their mess).
None of our cars have cages. not a one of them. everyone rides up front. most, are drunks. it sucks ass.
I get absorbent pee pads from hospital every time I stop in. just in case.
I like not having a cage for day to day life. it really is just like driving a normal car. carpet. etc. doesn't feel like a "cop car."
but it really makes it difficult with aresstees sitting up front trying to do paperwork when it's "i have to pee" and "loosen my cuffs" and "**** you **** you **** you" and "whats taking so long" etc. anyone combative, I need to call county to transport for me. which I hate to do.

the no cages does seem to be a HP / trooper thing. at least in states where it's not full service agency (down south). I really doubt NJSP or NYSP who is out there doing the equivalent of our county deputy work down south (everything a city does, just in the county, like DV, shootings, etc) are running around without cages. it is wild the differences between northern and southern policing.
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