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Carrying with a tactical light.

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Hello all, I have glock 19 gen 3 and recently purchased a tr-1 streamlight to use on my Glock. I really don't like how it sticks out in front of the gun. As for carrying concealed, has anyone found an effective way to conceal the G19 with a light attached? I have seen very few holsters for a gun with light. Or would it be better just to sell the light and buy some tritium sights. As of now I just have the factory sights.
Thanks for any advice.
PS: this is not a duty gun. Just personal protection.
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3,175 Posts already have the light...and I'm guessing that in selling it you would have to take a loss. Then again, if you invest money in a holster and later decide that the extra weight and bulk of the light is just not worth it for concealed carry, then your out the money for the holster too.

But...IMHO...a set of night sights and a hand-held light should be aquired first. Weapon mounted lights on a handgun are just too limited in their usefullness.
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