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Carrying at the Republican National Convention....

  1. Does anybody really expect Gov. Kasich to approve this?
  2. OK...why don't you tell us how you really feel?
  3. I don't think that I'd CCW there. I'd likely set off a metal detector.
  4. Well, in Ohio ....
  5. The concepts of choosing battles wisely and of spinning the wheels and getting no where both spring to mind with this petition.
  6. Wow, quoted for preservation...
  7. "Oh, the hills we choose to die on ..."
  8. Really???

    First... I would expect the laws prohibiting firearms in polling places would apply.

    Secondly.... Do you guys not see that this is VERY likely a False Flag Operation?
  9. Will the terrorists and the anti-Americans be disarmed also?
  10. Ummmm........no. Considering that tensions will already be high, now you want to inject people who may or may not be responsible gun owners into an already emotionally charged atmosphere? Like putting a match in charge of dynamite with fuse.

    If one is that concerned about their own safety at the convention you certainly do have the option to stay away and watch it on TV.
  11. I agree, but just so we're clear, this is an argument that civilian guns can (or should) be banned from places where "tensions will already be high," right?
  12. The governor can't change the law, this would be a legislature thing. Surprising how many people don't know that apparently. Well, not really.
  13. Inside the Q, yes. Outside everyone is free to go armed as they want.
  14. Has nothing to do with "polling places". Ohio allows private property owners to restrict firearms.
  15. Yeah that Trump, he's a REAL conservative.
  16. I understand that. But, even if the property owner DID "allow" it, the law (banning guns in polling places) would supersede it.... rendering the point moot.

    Again... I'm surprised I'm (so far) the only one who sees this as an OBVIOUS False Flag Operation.
  17. Just to clarify it is private property. And we are talking about law abiding gun owners as well as permit holders. I think we can be adult enough to carry even if we don't like the results of something.

    People will have to go to the convention unarmed through protesters and other potentially violent situations. Not to mention the various threats from overseas. The candidates have armed protection but are not worried about us being denied our own protection?
  18. What kind of Hillary voter doesn't know that acts passed by the Ohio legislature are still subject to the approval or veto of Ohio's Governor, as are federal acts subject to the signature or veto of the President? Don't schoolkids study civics anymore?



  19. I am a huge gun rights person. I carry everywhere possible. However, this seems like it would be a security nightmare.

    They should certainly provide storage lockers for guns, but I think the secret service would throw a fit about this.
  20. Why would they be upset? It should be the RNC who decides whether it is ok or not as they are the ones in charge. It just seems to go against the pro-gun values they tout.
  21. I think that the SS would be upset because there would likely be an AD at the locker area.
  22. If true, that doesn't speak well of the people walking around armed, does it? I lockered my pistol at courthouses and jails for 24 years and never had or heard of a ND. Why do you think there would be a ND? You realize there is no manipulation of the weapon to locker it, right? It comes out of the holster and into the locker, when leaving it comes out of the locker and into the holster.
  23. Not everyone is as good as a gun handler as you and me. There are auto accidents every day in the USA.
  24. Well, if you can't safely carry and handle a firearm, you have no business carrying one in public (especially if you can't unholster and reholster it without firing it). Maybe they should just get a bunch of coat hooks for folks to hang their pistols on. :dunno:
  25. No, then folks would have ADs when they hang their pistols up via the trigger guard.
  26. Excellent point.
  27. Do concealed weapons permits ever carry any weight when in the presence of someone (in this case, multiple someones) with a Secret Service protection detail?
  28. I am very pro 2nd Amendment, but this is not a very good battle to fight. We will have the eyes of the world on this convention because of the noteriety of Donald Trump. The last thing we as responsible gun owners need is some dumb ass waving his/her gun around like some of the open carry zealots do to make their point.
  29. Well considering I'm 99% certain I'll be working outside the venue, and I have the Utah non resident, I still will not be carrying. But I probably will have non lethal streaming pepper spray with me. The thought comes to mind of an altercation between protester and supporter that goes waaaaaay too far and suddenly, you have an incident. Also the thought comes to mind about what occasionally happens at gun shows, a ND. I'd like to believe that everyone carrying is diligent and has great trigger and brain control, but.......you never know.

    Inside the arena? No chance of making that happen, unless you are working the event as LEO. And there will be more Police there inside and out than you could ever imagine. 2000 sets of riot gear on order. Tells you a lot right there.
  30. There you go trying to ruin a perfectly good rant with little legal technicalities...


  31. Using that line of thinking people should not be allowed to carry anywhere as they may have an accidental ND. I think it's silly for people to be prohibited from carrying because they may have an accident. Furthering your analogy is like saying they should not have car shows because all those people driving might include an idiot who has an accident.
  32. Folks carried long arms at rallies Obama was at during the 2012 campaign. I don't think it is up to them but I'm sure it makes their job harder. Either way that's not my problem as I am a law abiding citizen.
  33. When is it a good battle to fight? If we say that we can't be trusted with firearms in this instance then we are saying we can't be trusted with firearms in other instances.
  34. This is a change.org petition. They're a leftist group. This is just a ploy to further divide the GOP.
  35. Cleveland is one giant getto I wont go there without a gun
  36. Yup, you know the drill.

    In the county I reside, it was a Democrat hot bed for years, seems that every presidential election cycle they manage to get a visit from the leading presidential candidate. It may have been the last time around, but some guy showed up at the rally with a CC. He was "detained" for questioning until the event was over and gone, then released. I would imagine the same thing would happen to anyone who walked into the convention CC.

    The arena, private property, has a NO WEAPONS rules in place already. Show up for a Cavs game, must pass thru metal detectors, got a weapon, you are not coming into the game. You want to mingle around in the crowd outside the venue at the convention, I personally think would be a foolish thing to do, CC away if you have a permit. You are not going to get beyond the perimeter security at the door CC. Guarantee you get cuffed and stuffed and spend anywhere from a few hours to days in lockup, detained for questioning by the SS.
  37. Not at all. Stay on subject of the RNC in Cleveland. You want to carry outside the venue in the crowd and you have a permit, have at it. You want to CC in a security zone inside the Arena, forget it. You will be detained and questioned.
  38. You are the winner sir. MSM was trying to entrap Trump yesterday with the question of CCW at the convention. This smells to high heaven to me. It shouldn't even be a question that is asked.
  39. The arena already has rules in place prohibiting weapons in the arena. If the OP wants to carry out in the crowd where CC is legal and he has a permit, have at it. In the arena where the candidates will be, rules already in place, SS covering the candidates, Cleveland PD handling the gate, the CC permit will carry no weight, one might be violating the law and at the very least one would be denied admission or cuffed and stuffed for questioning.

    Not for banning guns where tensions will be running high, one would have to question one's judgement as to why you would even inject yourself into an angry mob scene, carry or no carry.
  40. There's more in the article...
  41. In the source article for that article is a second paragraph by the Secret Service:
  42. Wow. Never saw this coming...


    "Pick our battles wisely" is possibly a better use of resources and political capital.
  43. Who is honestly surprised by the Secret Service Response to this petition????
  44. There is one comment on the petition author's one-blog blog site that simply says, "Poe’s Law. Sweet. Well done."

    Poe's law: "Poe's law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author's intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views. (Wikipedia)"

    Are we being duped?
  46. Agreed, and I am from Cleveland.
  47. The thing is the arena is publicly owned according to the article. Quicken Loans may own the naming rights but they don't own the arena. The article below from last year says it is publicly owned.


    The fact is that the candidates can turn away Secret Service protection until they are the Presdirnt Elect I believe. The fact is that we as a nation should not pay taxes to hire private guards for our elected officials who deny us our own right to protect ourselves.
  48. Fine, you go cry that argument to the SS. By the way, the SS already said Eff no to the petition.
  49. I won't be in Cleveland or near the state at the time. I do think though that they should allow carry in the arena if it is publicly owned. I also don't think it is a polling place as the official polling process is done and this is now just internal party politics and not something that the public will be voting on.