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Carry to the range?

  1. Im in florida where I get to exercise my rights to carry. This may sound like a simple question but in general can I carry to the range or does it have to be in a carry case? Im not sure how its done out here in these gun friendly areas (coming from IL)

    For example can I go to the range, pay for it, go to my lane and unholster to shoot and just reholster when im done to leave?
  2. If you have a Florida CWP then the answer is yes.
  3. It all depends on the SOPs of the range.

    I carry all the time to the range, drop my mag and chambered round in the designated safe area or at the line, use my range mags to shoot my day's practice, then reload SD and holster in the safe area or on the line.
  4. I have a fl carry permit. Do I tell the guy I've got my firearm on me that I'll be shooting? Out in IL they ask to see firearm you will be shooting.
  5. Legally in FL you can carry anywhere that is not a prohibited place. Gun ranges are not prohibited so you are fine legally.

    The range you are going to shold have specified procedures they ask / require you to follow. I would call ahead and ask them. It should not be shocking to them and they would probably appreciate the question. FL has almost a million people with permits.

    At our private gun club you are allowed to carry concealed anywhere on property but your carry gun is to remain concealed and not used unless in lawfull self defense. Keep it holstered during your visit. Bring what you want to shoot unloaded and bagged.

    I am trying to get them to put up an unloading station so when you come on property you can unload there if you want to shoot your carry gun then go to whatever range you want and unload on your way out. I am sure right now we have people clearing their guns in their cars bagging them walking up to the line then loading and shooting.

    What part of FL?
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm in north Miami beach between south beach and ft lauderdale. I'm still looking for a good outdoor range in the area.

    Personally I'd rather un/re holster at the range than in the car or something.
  7. Ditto this. Carry your carry gun and leave it holstered. Bring your range guns unloaded and in a case. If you're going to shoot your carry gun, unload it on the line and use your range ammo, then reload with your social ammo when you leave. Gold Dots are a little expensive to be punching holes in paper with.
  8. You're right by me. There are several places to go that are fine like Aces in Doral. Also try the range thats on Pemrboke rd off 1-95 its awesome.

  9. This is what I do. I live in FL and don't tell anyone at the range about my CWP pistol...it stays holstered and 'concealed.' If I'm shooting my carry pistol that day then the situation described above gets played out.
  10. When I go to the range, I also always have a concealed weapon on me that is ready to go, but not being fired that day.

    I've generally found shooters to be a pretty friendly lot. Nevertheless, there are people at the range I don't know, and they're carrying guns. I like being prepared for eventualities.
  11. I carry concealed until I reach the range parking lot.
    At which time I clear my weapon and either reholster empty or place
    it in my range bag. Different rules for different ranges.

    I reload and reholster upon arrival at my truck.

  12. ^^^ what he said.

    Never shoot yourself out of ammo at the range. At the outdoor range where I shoot, all the range officers open carry.

    You just never know who you are really standing next to.
  13. I'm TX CHL. When I go to Bass Pro I carry concealed. If I'm going to use the range then they have specific procedures to follow on entering the store - declare, have the clerk clear and lock it (for legal/safety reasons). So I don't carry concealed then.