carry options for ladies

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    My wife asked me last night to print her out the application for her NH LTC. I think the recent events in New Orleans and the attempted abduction of a young girl in the next town over has helped her make the decision. My wife takes our 15 month old daughter on walks and I always wanted her to carry but didn't push her. She had a LTC when we lived in another town but let it expire. She's a proficient shooter.

    She is now ready to do it and I couldn't be happier. I have gone through lots of cheap holsters for my daily carry and was never happy until I actually spent the money on a quality holster.

    What do you ladies use for daily carry? She will be carrying a G27. She asked me to get her a fanny pack holster. I have a cheap one and it takes way too much force to open the velcro holster compartment and I consider it useless. This of course is a cheap nylon holster, I have seen some nice leather one's and that is what she is looking to use.

    If you have any pictures of you wearing your rig, it would be a plus.