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Carry in the Park

  1. I know it was confusing to most, but it sure is nice to know you can carry in Indiana State Parks now no questions.
    I just got back from three hours of hiking at Shades State Park and I carried my Bersa 380 on my hip but under my camera bag. I always carried before and could never shake that nervous feeling that I was doing something illegal with a gun.
    I walk and hike alot over this state and I feel better knowing the laws are alot clearer now.:banana:
  2. Yes indeed! Send a note of thanks to the Gov.
  3. How exactly do we do that?

    What bill should we reference in that letter?

  4. I believe it was an administrative rule of the DNR that was changed. There was not an Indiana Code.
  5. IPDBrad is correct. The administrative rule was suspended on a trial basis by the Gov and head of DNR. I believe they are going to decide if to make it permanent at a later date.
  6. Office of the Governor
    Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
    206 State House
    200 West Washington Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
  7. Dyer, you're killing me--a lot is not one word.:banana:

    Grammar police=>:shame:
  8. I had an English teacher in high school (senior year) who always announced on the first day of classes that she would actually fail you for the year if you used "alot" in any assignment you submitted to her. A friend's older sister got to find out she wasn't bluffing. She had a 4.0 average until her last semester of high school, but she accidentally typed "alot" instead of "a lot" in her term paper. The teacher failed her for the course, just for that.


    On the bright side, it prevented me from doing it in the future.
  9. How about alittle, one word or two?:banana:
  10. . . . or the classic "alright" vs. "all right."

    BOTH are correct! :hugs:
  11. I'm all for good grammer because a large majority of people these days don't practice it but that teacher was extreme by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully her parents were in the principal's office the next morning getting the grade reversed. I had more than a few teachers who were very effective teaching the material without being Nazis. Totally uncalled for, at least for a first offense.

    Thanks for the address Kirk.
  12. Thanks for the address, Kirk.:supergrin:

    O.K., I'll stop; I promise.:rofl: :banana:
  13. :embarassed:
  14. Hey Rhino...

    Was this teacher at Southmont? Do you remember her name? There were still plenty of long-timers there when I matriculated through there.

    Also, Dyerbill, how did you like The Shades of Death?? The park is about 6 miles from my folks' house as the crow flies. I worked there as a seasonal security guard one summer whilst I was still in college. I enjoyed that job much more than not!!

  15. Nope! Crawfordsville High School.

    I definitely remember her name. And a lot of other stuff.

    Fortunately, I was able to weasle a deal with my parents that if I got an A for the first semester that I could drop her senior English class the second semester. I did, and to their suprise, I went through with dropping it. It was one of the best academic choices I made while I was in high school too. I switched to the newspaper staff the same hour and learned a lot more about writing and communication that I could have in 20 semesters of that woman's arrogance.
  16. Even though Shades is a bit of a haul for me............it is a GREAT place to hike. Trail 2 is as good as it gets in Indiana. Park is clean and the employees are friendly.
  17. A Buckeye here but live minutes from the Ohio/Indiana line.
    Many times (frequently), I launch my boat in Indiana to fish the Ohio river. I also go to Brookville (state park) and others to fish. Most of the time alone and most of the time I launch around sunrise. I may also be coming off the water as it is getting dark.
    It's good to know that I can carry (licensed Ohio...recognized Ind.) while in the State parks. There is little more unnerving than being alone on a boat ramp dealing with launching or loading a boat and feeling vulnerable (unarmed). I've never had any trouble where I go but, it certainly is a possibility in those locations. I did have a big 'ole mean looking stray dog once keep me from getting to my truck in the parking lot as I came in to load up. I waited him out for about 10 minutes and he left.
    This just adds to the list of fine concealed carry laws Indiana already has. Thanks from the Buckeye State!
  18. Actually, it's Kile Hupfer that we need to thank. He is the (former) Director of the IDNR who changed the rule! I, too am thankful for this. I go to the State Park in downtown Indy frequently & the wife & I just rode down through Brown Co. State Park the other day. Felt great to be armed & not have to worry about getting in trouble for it!