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Carry at the Hammond 'festival of the lakes'...

  1. Hammonds "festival of the lakes" is coming up middle of this month.

    Blues Travler (gun fan) and Travis Tritt will be be preforming so I'll be going to this one...

    Plenty of signs at the gates say no firearms, blah blah blah... Last year they had a boatload of cops at the gate but no checking for anything... Live was there, shame Ed Kowalchek was sick.

    Anyway since it's not a "state fair" carry is legal correct?
  2. Unless Lake County has some sort of prohibition against it... Personally, I would presume that it's perfectly legal. I'm not a lawyer, but I have stayed at several Holiday Inns.

  3. Is it state owned property? :thumbsup:

    Is it federal owned property? :sad:

    Is it city owned property? :sad:

    Is it private owned property? :cool:
  4. I have heard recently that several agencies in Lake Co. have started, when they find someone carrying a gun, taking it & taking that person to jail. If you have an LTC, they will cut you loose, but make you return w/ "proof of ownership" for the pistol!

    While this has not happened to me, I got this from a local attorney w/ a specific interest in IN gun laws.
  5. Kinda hard to show proof on my 50 year old S&W Model 10 I inherted from my father.:upeyes:
  6. Exactly! Like so may other facist groups, if they can't outright ban something, they will make it so hard to exercize your rights that 'you' give them up.
  7. So has anyone taken them to task over this? As I recall the city of Gary tried to keep from issuing LTCH and got sued for doing so.
  8. Not to my knowledge, ...... yet. Again, like so many sheep, jumping through the masters hoops is sometimes enough easier that forcing the master into his rightful place (& cheeper, too!).
  9. If you don't have a receipt for it and you need it, just make one.

    Handwritten will work too.
  10. Do we know what agencies or have any more information on this?
  11. Sorry, don't have specifics, just that it is in Lake Co.
  12. I have no idea.
  13. Im a LEO in Gary and we dont take your gun if you have a valid permit unless its evidence in a crime, prisoner property, stolen, abbandon, or in a home where a domestic battery has occured and we feel that a weapon in the home may be used to intimidate the victim or that leaving the firearm in the home would cause harm to the victim after the offender is released from jail (even if the firearm was not involved). I work patrol so im not 100% sure what is required for the release of a firearm from the property vault. But it helps if the officer that fills out the property sheet includes your personal info on the sheet under the owner area. If they dont fill that out I can see you having a harder time proving that its your property. I also know that when our department returns firearms ammo is not returned, I have been told that its due to the fact that carry is ot allowed on the property because we have courts in our building so they will not release it due to the fact that you would be in violation of law. But again this is what I have been told and dont know if its true or not.

    As far as carry at the fest i dont know what Hammond PD would do, but in carry we have local ordance that prohibits carry in city parks.