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Carry at a Phillies game?

  1. Any PA GT'ers ever go to the ball game? As far as I can tell, there would be nothing illegal at carrying into the ballpark, but then I got to thinking, are there metal detectors at the entrance?
    If so I probably won't even be able to bring my pocket knife in!:crying:
  2. Straight from the website:

    Firearms, weapons, knives, tasers and other dangerous or hazardous devices or substances (collectively "weapons") are prohibited at Citizens Bank Park, unless carried by an on-duty police officer or otherwise expressly approved by The Phillies. Anyone bringing such a weapon to the premises should return it to their vehicle immediately. An off-duty law enforcement officer who is carrying a weapon may check it at the Police Room before entering the ballpark.

    Google is your friend
  3. That doesn't answer my question of what gate security is like at all...
  4. Well, it sounds like you give it a shot and put it in the car if you get caught.

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  5. Been to many MLB parks (24) to include Phillies Stadium. The only one that used a wand was Shea Stadium for a Mets Game. no guarantee they didn't or don't change procedures but when I went a few years ago no wand. Just the typical look in bags. In tampa I got sent back to car for carrying a "common" pocket knife (not weapon under FL law) clipped on pocket.

    In FL it would be against the law to carry a firearm at a professional sporting event.
  6. Went the other night they patted me down
  7. Panther stadium does pat downs and wands for football games.
  8. Wand (at least).
  9. took my son to a phillies game in june.you are required to go through a metal detector.all mlb parks have started this policy this year.
  10. Have not yet been to the new stadium. These days, a Gerber Covert Folder is with me all the time, but the way I'm reading this, even that would be taken (not from me, thanks!).

    Hey, Center City is being shut down for the Pope. That has not been done, as I recall, even for a visiting president.
  11. You'll be walking back to your car. Generally, private security that are well trained and good at there job.