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Carry ammo flex

  1. Some glock 29sf love
    And a little carry ammo flex

    glock 40 mos next in line
    Had some issues on my behalf with my Agrip from brooks tactical.

    after a quick search i found the install video on YouTube.

    turns out i was being impatient and rushing a simple process.

    01362039-0A41-40CA-93FF-FBCD660CB16B.jpeg 8A3E630B-4A8C-46F3-8D40-5C79FB2741C2.jpeg
  2. Havent heard the name Agrip in forever. The old days when Sidearmour was considered a good holster.
  4. Ahhhhhhhh, love me some 10mm. My G29.4 is my favorite truck gun.
  5. What's that goopy crap inside your hollow points? Curare?
  6. Now that's funny right there!:laughabove:
  7. Underwood out of the box
  8. I
    I’ve got a 200gr box of black talons from “the day” as well.
  9. Some 180gr Underwood 10mm ammo flexing after leaving a Gen 4 29.
    No curare needed...:laughing:


  10. what happened to sidearmour holsters to make them bad?

    This Agrip material is on all my firearms
  11. Why do you have a single Talon in a mag with other stuff?
  12. hahaha I realized that after I posted
    not a usual practice of course

    but I keep the g20 mag full of black talons

    and both 10 round mags packed with the underwood
  13. The black talons must be 20+ years old.

    When we ditched the .40 we had a shelf full of .40 black talon ammo. we ended up blowing them out for fun when we got rid of our UMPs.
  14. yes they are old
    but gold!! lol
    I know there is modern ammo types that compare
    but the talons are somewhat of a prized addition in my EDC attire

  15. AGrip is that good huh, was doing some research on them tonight not much out there.