Carbon Pirate??

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by FullClip, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Given all the talk and threads about "Global Warming" or "Climate Change", and connecting the dots to those guys in little tiny boats getting pretty good money for ransom after taking over those super-tankers...I got to thinkin' about how I could make a buck.

    Algore beat me to the whole "carbon credit' deal, and since I live in "The Pine Tree State", figure my chances of finding anybody stupid enough to pay me to plant more trees is pretty slim. (unless you can sweet talk a few of those Volvo driving PFAs into it while they come up in the "summah".)

    Now given the fact that a lot of countries and companies are more than willing to pay ransom to the Somolia pirates...and that there are a whole lot of moon-bat global warming kool-aid drinkers...I'm wondering if I could have them pay me NOT to add massive doses of carbon dioxide to the air?? For some reason being called a "Carbon Pirate" sounds so much better than being just a common "polluter".

    Hey...send me $173.47 or I'm gonna' burn a couple tires in my fire-pit!

    Gimme $36.22 or I'll add extra oil to my chain saw gas and really smoke things up around here!!

    Maybe even threaten to open up a whole case of Budweiser at once and really throw a spike into the CO2 count!!

    (yeah..know the money I'm asking for isn't much...but I'm hoping for volume here folks!! Kinda' like the Wal-Mart stuff and the odd numbers are to cover the Maine State Sales Tax)

    Just wondering if anybody thinks this is plausable buisness plan and I look forward to any suggestions. Just remember that I thought of it first, and while you may receive a very small royalty check for your ideas if they bring in some money...I wouldn't count on it.:supergrin:
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