Carbine Match Saturday Austin / San Antonio

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    Sep 3, 2002
    EVENT: Carbine Match
    DATE: Saturday February 3rd
    LOCATION: **Cedar Ridge Range**
    SIGN UP: **0900HRS - 0945HRS**

    Texas Tactical will be putting on a Carbine Match
    this Saturday February 3rd, 2007 at the *Cedar
    Ridge Range* between Austin and San Antonio,
    Texas. Come one come all...and bring a friend.

    More info on the match can be found on our

    The match is open to all SAFE shooters of any
    age or skill level!!

    Sign up is between 0900 - 0945hrs
    (Please don't wait until the last minute)
    Please make every effort to be ontime for signup.

    For map and directions and more info on Texas
    Tactical please visit our website:


    If you have any questions or comments feel free
    to email us at
    Hope to see Y'all there!!


    Michael "Iron Mike" Webb
    Texas Tactical
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    May 17, 2003
    Austin, TX
    I posted this in the Ruger forum but but thought it might fit better here.

    As usual, Mike put on a great match and as usual, the folks who attned his matches are some of the most friendly, courteous and SAFE shooters I have ever been around. Thanks to everyone involved for making it so much fun for me.

    Any body here know if it is OK to run steel cased ammo in a Mini-14?

    Mini 14 in local carbine match

    This is a new thing for me. A tactical CQB carbine match. I never even fired rapid fire from my rifle before.

    I normally shoot IDPA and an occasional shotgun sidematch at the end. The folks I shoot with primarily, TEXAS TACTICAL from the San Antonio/Austin area, also hold Carbine matches based loosly on IDPA principles, ie: use of cover, targets, scoring, etc. Distances usually range from contact to 40 yds with an occasional 100 yd target. On the stages today, targets were in the 5-25 yard range and there were two stages with transitions to/from a sidearm.

    I had never even been to one of these matches, much less shot one. I went today not expecting very much for the first outing. When I got there I began to expect even less. There were about 40 folks there shooting primarily the AR platform with LOTS of STUFF on their weapons. Only one other person on my squad of ten was using iron sights. I figured there would be lots of impressive shooting and I would get blown away.

    I was there with my relatively new 580- series Mini-14 using stock sights. I only brought a couple of factory 20-round and one aftermarket 30 round mag. I really never used the 30-rounder much today.

    We won't get the scores for a day or so, but I must say the Mini-14 held up just fine against even the most Uber-tactical AR on my squad. It ran flawlessly and the ghost ring sights proved to be pretty fast for sight acquisition. Accuracy at these distances was not an issue, except on the part of the shooter.

    I have no idea what happened in the other squads, but I can say that I stayed at least in the middle of the pack and didn't embarrass myself and any shortcomings were on the part of the operator and not the equipment.

    I have purchased a Weaver mount and an inexpensive holo-reflex sight. It looks neat and the reticle is very agreeable to my no longer felixible eyes, but given the few number of iron sights to compete against, I may just forgo the optics for these matches.

    I had a blast. I highly recommend them. Looks like I am going to be spending even MORE money on shooting sports. This is why I was asking about the use of steel case ammo in a Mini in another thread. Gotta save where you can if all else is equal...or close.

    Equipment Divisions of Cometition are follows:

    Junior (under 17 years of age, .22 rimfire permitted)
    Iron sights,
    Limited (10 rounds max)
    Battle rifle (larger caliber, .30 and up)
    Class III

    Thanks for you time.


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