Can't get a date!

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    A South American peasant one the lottery and it was his dream to go to
    the South of France and find a woman to love and adore and have fun
    with. So he got himself a ticket and ended up on the beach in Cannes.
    All day long he walked up and down saying "Hey ladies looka ata me, I
    gotta lot of money an I wanna have fun" but no matter how hard he tried
    he ended up alone. Then he saw this cool Frenchman sitting on a rock
    surrounded by beautiful women so he went up to him to ask him what he
    should do. The Frenchman looked at him through his dark shades and said
    "First of all my man, you must get a wash, a shave, a clean up, some new
    clothes, a manicure and then perhaps you might have a better chance.
    The guy thanked him and went off and did all of what had been suggested
    and the next day swaggered up and down the beach saying "Hey ladies,
    take me, here I am, I gotta lotta money, I wanna spend it and hava fun"
    but still nothing. That evening he was feeling really fed up so he
    went to find the Frenchman again and said that he was still having no
    luck. The Frenchman regarded him and swept him up and down with his
    eyes and said "I suggest tomorrow morning you go to ze market, you buy a
    large potato and you pop it down zere" and he indicated with his eyes.
    So the peasant did just that, bought a large potato and put it in pants.
    All day long up and down the beach saying the same thing without any
    success at all and he was really upset. That evening again he found the
    Frenchman and said "Hey mister, I did everythin you tolda me to do, I
    hadda ze manicure, ze haircut, ze wash, ze new clothes and I bought ze
    potato and put it in my pants. Whata am I doing wrong? the Frenchman
    could barely keep a straight face and looked at the poor little guy and
    said "I suggest tomorrow you put ze potato in your pants but zis time
    down ze front !!!
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    Mar 31, 2002
    okie, you stole that joke from me.;L ;f ;B