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"Canon [Personal] Copiers Pose Fire Risk"

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Canon Copiers Pose Fire Risk

POSTED: 1:30 pm MST September 12, 2006

TOKYO -- Canon Inc. said Tuesday it will inspect and provide free parts replacements for 1.87 million personal copiers worldwide because of a risk some may catch fire.

The copiers at risk are spread across 11 models manufactured from 1987 to 1997 and sold worldwide, the Tokyo-based company said in a statement.

Of these, 820,000 were sold in North America, 690,000 in Europe, 140,000 in Japan and 220,000 in other regions, according to Canon spokesman Mayuko Yaguchi.

A problem with the copiers' wiring means the machines could overheat and emit smoke or catch fire, Yaguchi said. Three instances of copiers overheating have been reported since 1992, the latest in July this year, but there have been no injuries, she said.

. . . Earlier this month, Japanese manufacturer Matsu****a Electric Industrial Co. also recalled 6,000 batteries used in its Panasonic brand laptops on concerns they might overheat.
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First the Sony batteries, now the Canon copiers. Are the Japanese trying to get even for WWII?
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