Canine Acute Lymphoid Leukemia

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    In early August, our 8 year old golden started slowing down; nothing terrible but definately noticable.
    A few weeks later, we noticed a swelling in his abdomen when we were grooming him and scheduled a trip to the vet.

    At the vet office, X-rays idicated a spleen 2x normal size and an enlarged liver. Blood samples indicates Lymphtekes(?) in the blood and his white count was way up.
    A biopsy and more blood was taken and sent out for analysis. The report confirmed acute lymphoid Leukemia and a time table of 1-2 months without chemo; maybe 3-4 with chemo.

    We've opted not to put him through chemo and initially he still ate and drank his food and semed none the worse for wear. Lately, he's had bouts of diarhria and vomitting and we've had to change to Purina EN to feed him something he could handle. At this poin the GI has smoothed out but he's not eating much except treats.

    All along through this,even though his muscle mass has dropped off dramatically, he's been able to play and run and has had good spirits.

    This past weekend, while good during the day, he's had very heavy --labored-- breathing at night. When I'd let him out to go pee, he would just state into space before peeing and then just stare looking completely disoriented. This funk would continue into the AM but by afternoon he's have energy and be up to his old self. Then a repeat the next night.

    My vet is on vacation and I don't have access to an oncologist to determine if this is another phase of the disease or if it's time. I don't want to see him suffer but by the same token don't want to take him prematurely.

    Would appreciate an insight on the labored breathing from a vet member of if anyone has been through this before.