Candied Pecans

Discussion in 'Food Forum' started by GlockSpeed31, Dec 22, 2005.

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    I made some candied pecans last weekend, boy, were they good!!

    Started off with a bag of shelled pecan halves from Wal-Mart (them dang things are pricey), threw them on a cookie sheetpan into the oven on 350 for 12-15 minutes to roast them. Meanwhile, melted some butter mixed with light brown sugar.

    In a mixing bowl, mixed
    -ground cinnamon (large dash)
    -all spice (medium dash)
    -ground ginger (medium dash)
    -regular sugar (small dash)
    -Hot chili powder (small dash)
    (note: add or subtract amounts to your liking)

    Once the butter & brown sugar have melted and combined well, add the dry ingredients to the butter/sugar mixture, then toss the pecans into the mixture til well coated. Then place back on the cookie sheet (greased) and stick back in the oven for a couple minutes. Take out of oven and pour handfulls of regular sugar over pecans and let cool.

    The chili powder adds a little bite mixed with the sweetness.

    Feel free to use my recipe, just forward over a couple bucks to add to the next recipe research funding account. Just kidding!! unless you want to!

    Enjoy and have a happy & safe holiday.