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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 'deeply sorry' he appeared in brownface in 2001

  1. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he knows now that his decision to dress up in brownface and a turban for a gala at a private school where he worked 18 years ago was a racist thing to do and he is now "deeply sorry." The 2001 incident was brought to light Wednesday evening by an article in Time Magazine. Speaking to reporters on his campaign plane, Trudeau apologized for his actions, saying that he now recognizes his actions were racist.
  2. When will the Left ever hold their own accountable for all their racist crap? Good god Im so tired of hearing them whine that Trump is a racist but they remain silent about their own racist comrades.
  3. They're only sorry because they got caught up with.
  4. Ugh, beat me to it by 11 minutes lol. This man is such an embarrassment. How he even wakes up in the morning without stubbing his toe on the carpet is a wonderment unto science.
  5. Time to resign, Justin. It's the right thing to do.
  6. They will let it slide cuz he's on their side.
  7. So, what's wrong with that? :animlol:
    Qualifies for Virginia Governor. So? What's new? :flag:
  8. You know how many jambogs I've had recently? Too damn many. The other day I spent 10 minutes making a thread, in that 10 minutes someone posted the thread I was making. No luck at all.
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  10. The cancel culture always wants to call a truce when it’s one of theirs.

    I have to wonder if the large number of defecting republicans are being blackmailed. We are at a point where we might be able to push through an entire republican agenda if we take back the house, and they are running away.

    Seems odd. I am of course, speculating.

  11. Makes you wonder if those FBI files HRC had access to, are resurfacing again......
  12. So, it's blackface, when non-progressives do it, and brownface when progressives do it?
  13. It is now... :upeyes:

  14. The blackface Virginia gov is still running his plantation so....
  15. Nothing to see here, folks. The Democratic Party has already decided that it is OK to be in Blackface, provided you do so while carrying the DNC membership card.
  16. Three Virginia Dems got into big trouble and the national media
    gave them the cover of silence after a week or so.
    Republicans would have been subjected to an endless drumbeat
    of media demands for resignations until they were forced out of office.
  17. I've tried a couple of times and have learned my lesson. I'm just an observer here.
  18. NSA metadata more likely. Every browser search, every time their phone was alone with someone else’s phone in a hotel away from their spouse, etc.
  19. The ABC morning news called his Al Jolson make-up job "dark face". Must be nice to control the language.
  20. I've always wondered when I see these nuts, what prompted them to make that stupid decision in the first place?

    I guess you are qualified to run for office only if you make fun of another race through black-face... but it's not something I have ever remotely considered, so I'll never be a leftist politician.
  21. LMAO! 3 times?!

    He needs to resign immediately. :animlol:
  23. Wait....am I actually agreeing with Sharpton about something? :headscratch:
  24. Here's Fox News' Tucker Carlsen, weighing in:

    Here's Tucker speaking with The Rubin Report's Dave Rubin:

  25. The funniest thing is that if the left had just acted like human beings for the past decade and not disgusting, witch hunting, soulless pieces of **** weaponizing virtue signalling and retroactive purity tests, conservatives wouldn't care. We'd shrug it off and say hey, it was in the past, he apologized, move on. But they decided they didn't want to be civilized humans.

    So now, I absolutely relish watching these creatures get devoured by the monster they created, and they have no one to blame but themselves.
  26. An excellent point Carlson makes here.........."Virtue signaling is a cover for the sin".

    This revelation is worthy of contemplating in reference to other people in our lives.....hmmmm?