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    Well I'm turning to the brain trust here at Glock Talk for a little advise. I'm looking to take my father to Quebec on a Fly In fishing trip for Walleye and Pike. My father and uncles all used to go up every year with my grandpa before he passed (when I was real young) and I never got to go with them. So there's a few things I'd like to treat my father to because of what he's done for me, and this is one of them.

    I was at the Eastern Outdoor show in Harrisburg this past weekend and talked to numerous outfitters, and have mixed opinions about all of them. I've done some reading online the past few days on other forums and looked at lots of reviews about these places and still haven't been able to decide who I trust and who I don't.

    So here's what I'm looking for from the GT'ers. Have you been to Quebec/Ontario through a Fly In Outfitter? Who'd you use? When did you go? How was the trip? I'd like to hear all positives and negatives. I know I"ll be staying in a little cabin in the middle of no where, with primitive fixtures. I"m not looking for the Hyatt, I'm looking to rough it for a week with my old man, and do some serious fishing.

    Thanks a bunch guys,
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    I've been going fishing in Canada for more years than I care to admit. The last many years has been to a lake in Ontario - north of Dryden. I got to be very good friends with owner of the only resort on the lake. His mom and dad built the place after WWII. He has sold the place to some big money from Omaha - they built it into million dollar 'cabins' for their friends.

    Grandma told me about a landing on an adjacent lake that allows me to still fish the home lake. the 'home' lake is the most amazing trophy walleye fishery I know of. I used to take my dad there. That's another story about 30" walleye.

    Anyway, the son - my friend - bought a big fly-in operation. I don't know if it would work for you and your dad. I think you have to drive to Pickle Lake ON. You may be able to arrange air to PL - but it would be at your expense.

    North Caribou Camps - Rob Brodhagen. He's a great guy. I think he operates about 7 camps on various lakes. The one on North Caribou is the only camp on a 125,000 lake. He has a new camp on a Native owned lake - it's finance by the tribe. These are wilderness camps - new fisheries. But, they have running water, flush toilets, gas heat and fridges, etc.

    I don't know if it will work for you or not - logistics may work against you. But, I'll vouch for Rob - ethnics and honesty and damned hard work.

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    I thought this thread would get more responses.

    The first thing I will tell you is the times I have been up there alone on a lake with close friends and family have been some of the most memorable times I cherish. I've fished up there with close friends and my dad and father in law. Some of the greatest times of my life. The first time I went up I was probably 22 or 23. I am now decades older than that.

    I will give you some of my experience and see if it fits what you are looking for. I have always gone on a week long fly-in where they drop you off at a log cabin and come back in a week and pick you up. I've never done the fly-in resort, it just doesn't appeal to me. If that is what you are looking fr I can't help. But from your description, you like what I like.

    I've gone several times over the years. I've never used the same outfitter twice. I've always gone to northern Ontario and flown in from there. Look up Wawa Ontario and the area around there.

    I recommend a ton of research. Be aware, there are different types of lakes. Some limit the catch strictly and you can't keep trophies. The growing season is short and they are trying to protect their resources. I can appreciate that.

    You will be limited on the weight you can bring in by the outfitter, but most are about the same. 2 pair of jeans is plenty, you can wash in the lake if you need. a few shirts, etc. Keep it light as possible. Take iodine water treatment and get your water from the middle of the lake. No weapons. Don't even think it or try it. Be prepared for the "Crown" to fly in and check your catch and licenses. Half the times I've been there, they have flown in. A hundred miles from nowhere, maybe even within the arctic circle and they will still drop in and check. Don't chance it and try to cheat.

    Tackle: I bring a variety from mini-lite, to bait casting, to open face to fly rod. It's all fun... baits vary, but a light open face with a 1/4 ounce yellow jig has always caught walleye. Get a worm box and take in a couple of gross of worms and tip your jigs with them. For walley, use the jigs bouncing off the bottom as you drift the length of the lake to find the deep spots and drop offs and structure. I use a handheld garmin gps and mark the spot whenver i get into the fish. If you find them once you will usually find them again. Pike, big sppons, buck tails and bass lures along shore structure and drop offs. Beaver dams are golden!! Just cast against the dam let the lure bounce or drop in the water and begin the retrieve.

    If you like to drink, take what you want. Running out of your favorite beverage is very depressing... Ask your outfitter and sometimes if they are running a mid week flight in your area they will drop off supplies you have left with them. no guarantees though.

    Take a first aid kit. Some people take a sat phone. We never have. Seems to defeat the purpose of getting away.

    Remeber, you are on your own. A friend of mine lost his father to a lightening strike up there. Nothing to do but wait till they come and get you at the end of the week. Any broken bone is going to hurt alot. Don't be stupid.

    There is an overview. Ask me any questions you like. I've just touched the tip of the common questions. Feel free to send me an email, or ask here and others can benefit also. It is likely you will want to know about what food to take up, when to go and what clothing etc.

    I was lucky, my father in law was born and raised in northern Minnesota. It was amazing what he knew and taught me the first time.

    Oh and they have a little bug called a black fly. It isn't anything you guys in America are thinking about. More of a sweat bee except it numbs your skin, chews a round hole in you and you never even feel it. Days later it itches like all hell. Not a little corner of hell, it itches like ALL hell...
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    The trip is a great idea. I've been up to Pickle Lake, Ont., then went East about 25 miles(flew) to a lodge. I don't think you have to go that far for a quality time. We were weathered in some at Pickle Lake & drove to 'Lake Saint Joseph' & the fishing was about as good as the more remote lake we were at. Just do a little research & go, should be some good choices. The area anywhere near Dryden is mostly walleye & pike.
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