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    Below is an email I just got from a friend in Dryden Ontario. She's 75 - her life span includes building a wilderness camp with her husband from nothing into a very successful resort. She sold it to her son (Rob) - he's a good friend of mine. Jeremy and Dusty are Rob's sons. Dusty shot a huge moose with his bow (13 yards) two years ago. Otis is Jeremy's dog. Now, her (Eileen's) life includes cyberspace - quite a trip for one person's lifespan.

    I usually go fishing with them once or twice a year. I hope to be healthy enough when I retire to go help them with the summer camps. Thought you guys might be interested in the email.


    Well I'm back from Armstrong. Rob and I arrived about 7:30 last evening. Had a great time but came home very tired we were up with bears, wolves, and people. This bear started bugging Jeremy the night before we arrived. It just got worse they fixed up and arrow with a washer on the end so it wouldn't kill the bear but hurt it so maybe it wouldn't come back. Then they found it was hard to shoot in the dark so they took the gun and shot over its head. The third night it tore the screen of Jeremy's bedroom window and he was looking out at it and Otis was going wild. So they move trucks around so Rob could turn on the lights and Jeremy could shoot. Well he was all ready when a wolf walked in and that threw everyone off. So they decided at 1:30 to try and get some sleep. Rob came in first and then he thought he heard Jeremy talking to some one. So out he went again. Here was a fellow carrying a two year old and about a four year old walking beside him. He had blown a tire and I guess he didn't have a spare. So they drove him home in to Armstrong. Not a native but a white man They knew him as he had fixed the phone one time for Rob. When they got back about 2:30 AM there was a fox in the driveway. Rob said there wasn't even a full moon. Rob hasn't talked to Jeremy to see how he faired out last night. He goes bear-baiting early in the morning and he is and hour ahead in time so he will likely call when he gets in.

    I could have stayed with Jeremy for a few days and then flew across to Pickle Lake when they bring Dusty in to Armstrong on Wed. Would have stayed with my friend Jan. Some how or other I thought I had better come home and rest up for a few days.

    Had a note from Donna guess she got her new car yesterday. She sounded really excited. Will call her to night.

    Hope all is well with you.

    PS- By the way it was 27C when we arrived in Armstrong and plus 7 or 8 the next morning. It was cold all the time I was there. Now its to warm up again. The bugs are something else this year. Not only in the north but Dryden too.