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Can You Identify the Illegal Activity in These Videos?

  1. Yes, but this is now accessible to them at no risk and no cost. Anyway, my point is not that it's the only way a cartel could get the intel, but that I can see why the agents are wary of it. I would be too.
  2. Wow we really know who doesn't mind living under a fascist government here in this thread :upeyes:
  3. Must not be too effective... I still see a whole lot of illegals trucking around this nation. :dunno:
  4. Well, people chose these dangerous jobs. If they are that concerned about their safety and keeping their face hidden, then masks and other forms of facial disguise would be in order. Or find a job that's less prone to getting one self killed / maimed.
  5. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Bzzzt! Fail.

    What orders by George/Parliament were unlawful????
  6. There would be plenty more running around if they were not out there doing something.

    The only way to make it truly effective is to build a 30ft high wall with snipers every 50 yards....however....the lack of that is not the Border Patrols fault.
  7. Don't want to be the next guys to ride through with a smart ass spiel. Those border guys have had time to think up some creative responses.
  8. The real irony about handjobs like these and others who go out of their way to "fight the evil fascist Govt" for the rest of us is they can do these things because we do NOT live in a Fascist, Communist, Polygamist, Primatene Mist etc. State. They do these thing because they know that whichever agency or agent of the State is not going to drag them out of the vehicle and send them to a gulag, torture or kill them. Furthermore if an agent of the State does step on his crank and violate the ******'s rights, the ******s will likely get paid. Its a win-win for the ******s
  9. In the immortal words of the great Ronald Wilson Reagan, "well, there you go again". There is no fascism represented by what occurred in the videos. There was no illegal activity by the Border Patrol officers. They were at a legally established checkpoint, clearly identified by the markings on the checkpoint, the marked Border Patrol Vehicles, the uniforms, and badges. Get a clue and stop spouting "fascism" like its some kind of mantra.
  10. Seriously? I can't even think of a polite reply.

    And I think I know what most people would say about the masks. Geez, these poor guys can't win no matter what they do.
  11. Don't be polite. Speak your truth.
  12. Nah. Better I don't. Suffice it to say that's a tough job and frankly I don't think I'd want it, and I'm thankful someone's standing watch for us. Are they all perfect? Hardly, but I'm thankful they're there. Yes, I went through checkpoints and talked to agents and the whole bit. They were nothing but civil, and though the checkpoints were annoying, I'm far more worried about what would happen if they weren't there.
  13. I bet going after the companies that hire illegals:steamed: would be lots cheaper and much more effective.
  14. :agree:
  15. Fair enough, I respect your position and opinion.