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Can You Identify the Illegal Activity in These Videos?

  1. I can identify the idiotic activities. Illegal is self evident.
  2. In the face.
  3. That video was sooooooooooooooo ****ing gay!!! Little Michael Moore's in the making. [​IMG]
  4. I don't have a clue what's illegal about them. But I do think they are funny.
  5. It appears the offenders are the one's being video taped.
  6. What was that?
  7. Well it is interesting how fast the "border" guards back down when confronted. Why did the guard try taking the video camera away? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btzlmMRU6pI)

    To me that says that the guards know they lack authority, but are relying on the sheep to roll over and cooperate. .

    Why should you submit to a "border check" 100-150 miles from the border?
  8. Could be inoculation... Nah, probably not.

    I must say though, SIGINT towers picking up large amounts of spoken Arabic around the US border scares the crap out of me.
  9. So, the idea is to make the boarder guards feel foolish to check people entering the country, and the next time they wont even bother?
    Hmmm...I feel safer already.
  10. Couple of retards. If they want to make a point, put a Hispanic behind the wheel.

    I guess I'm a retard, too. I clicked on the second video.
  11. I see ******baggery pretty sure thats illegal in AZ
  12. This highway does not go to Mexico.

    They used to have one of these checkpoints south of where I used to live (San Diego/ Riverside county line) but they shut it down because it backed up traffic too much. That, and they only stopped and asked for papers if you were brown. Went through it thousands of times. Never got stopped (I'm white). Went through it once with a hispanic friend and they stopped him. I'm sure they had to quit after they were told they weren't allowed to profile anymore.
  13. Do research. Case law specifies border searches can extend beyond the border. If the Border Patrol wanted to they could have arrested these clowns. The case law by the way is about as old as the Republic iteself.
  14. They pretty much know these guys by now. They let go anyone who so much as asks them their name. The question stands. Is it a lawful detainment, and if so, why do they let people go who challenge them. If not, why are they there?

    The head honcho of the protesters was tasered and beaten by the Border Patrol for standing by his 4th Amendment rights. His story is pretty easy to find around the net.

    There's the law, and then there's what's right.
  15. Probably the clowns that took an oath but still follow the circus, but really what is the point, the country has already been taken over buy corporations.
  16. These will be the same a-holes who ***** about how the government screwed up and failed to stop the next terrorist incident. That's the problem with one-issue-agenda people...there's no talking sense to them. If the government says "A". these clowns will scream "B!" If the government says "B" they will scream "A!" It's never about the issue at hand, just about how they feel about the government.
  17. Driver: Conspiracy to conspire, possession of a non-functional rape tool.
    Passenger: Failure to keep pet on leash on a public highway.
  18. Yeah, except that it sounds nothing like your Cliff's Notes version.
  19. Just saw the video bud. Didn't read the AAR.
  20. If you've only seen the preacher's video from his desk, look for the tape from the actual stop.

    He's told he's under arrest. He's even given the courtesy of being told the PC for the arrest while he's still sitting behind the wheel of his car. He's even told that he has an obligation to comply with lawful orders to surrender to the cops. He doesn't, of course, trying to have a debate and issuing demands.....so, POP! (ticktickticktick) AAAAAARGH!

    And another angel gets his wings. :cool:

    Serves him right, and I'm only surprised by the patience of DPS.
  21. I always enjoy those videos.
  22. DPS AAR:

    Arrest took place Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at a U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint

    The U.S. Border Patrol asked the Arizona Department of Public Safety to assist their Officers with a combative motorist who refused to cooperate at a checkpoint in the westbound lanes of Interstate 8. Steven L. Anderson, the combative motorist, was arrested by a DPS Officer for resisting a lawful order during the incident and booked into the Yuma County Jail.

    Mr. Anderson never filed a complaint with DPS concerning his arrest but instead made a You-Tube video that featured his version of the events of that day.

    An investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Professional Standards Bureau is underway. DPS is looking at current agency policies and procedures that officers must comply with when requested by any agency to respond to checkpoints.

    In this particular instance DPS will look at our Officer's response and actions. We will offer no further comment on this incident until the investigation has been concluded.
  23. Reminds me of those pesky Colonials.
  24. [​IMG]
  25. Not hardly. Ton of difference between a lawful order from an agent of your republic and an unlawful one from an agent of an overseas king.
  26. In the manner that this guy was carrying, yes. And you'll note the distinct absense of tasers, hickory shampoos and handcuffs.
  27. Slow down Sam.
    I was talking about the "Black Gentleman" with the AR video posted above.
  28. Looks to me like a sling from Wilderness Tactical. Kudos for supporting a local business!
  29. For the guys complaining about the agents being upset by the camera: Did it cross your minds that these guys go to work every day knowing they could be targets of cartels? I sure as h**l would not want my face available to the animals who are making a business of decapitations and mutilations not far from my home and family
  30. But aren't Federal Law Enforcement Officers in uniform required to present identification if interviewing individuals? I'd think this would apply to checkpoint stops. I know the guys in the restaurant were accosted by these guys, but what about the check points? Sure, these jokers are just out to impress their youtube fans.
    I was interviewed by an FBI agent yesterday and they made darn sure first thing they showed me their ID and badge, almost like it was step one in the checklist.

    If security was really a huge concern these guys would be wearing balaclavas like Iraqi terps.

    If the OP is baiting the thread title out there for us, I'd say refusal of a Federal LEO to provide identification during an official contact would be the law broken... if that's even a law. (applying only to the first vid)
  31. I'll give you IDing, but I maintain that recording their faces for distribution to who knows where is crossing the line in this environment. Whether it fits our neat little US worldview or not, there IS a threat to these guys and judging by what's been happening to the Mexican LE it's real, nasty, and downright evil.
  32. I couldn't agree more with the fact that these guys are under a real threat. That's the way it is with informants. Sadly, they're pretty much one time use.

    Still though, it's not illegal to film or take photos of them. Any narco-soldier could drive through a checkpoint and snap photos or even follow them home.
    Although judgement is severely lacking, these guys are within the law.
  33. I agree that, as far as I know, it's not illegal to video them. But I think we agree that it's idiotic and crass to record and post it online. I fully sympathize with the agents' anxiety about being recorded, even if some do go about expressing it in ways that appear to the public to be questionable.
  34. D'oh. :embarassed:

    Too many videos in one thread.
  35. yes,they were speeding!

  36. That's how it appears to me.
  37. No, the question is they are border patrol... why aren't they on the border doing their job. Instead they are well over 100 miles + into US territory.
  38. The "patriot act" is part of the problem.:faint: and you just identified WHY, but don't seem to have an issue with that?!
  39. Ever hear of telephoto lenses? Determined cartels could gather their images, distribute to hit men at will. It's really a moot point. Hell, some of their gang members are legal US citizens of Mexican decent. They could easily drive through and identify the agents. The point being if someone really wants your picture they can get it.
  40. I think people are forgetting the whole point of the uniform is to ID yourself. You know the badge, the shoulder patches, the name tag. Oh, wait you want to see and ID card. Oh, yeah because without seeing that you would never be convinced he really was with the Border Patrol.

    And if you really think failing to ID yourself is against the law go find the law. Otherwise you are just talking out your rear.
  41. Those boys are ****ing MORONS!
  42. That is for sure. The Canon 1200mm lens can make a person identifiable from a mile away. I wouldn't be worried about the guys in the car with a little cheap camera. I would however be worried about people that contain what is in the video below stalking from a long ways away.


    As for the border checkpoint inside US territory, I don't understand why they are allowed to operate that way.
  43. We have went through this before. It is a very effective strategy in combating illegal entry into the country. We do not have, and probably never will have enough people to physically guard anything more than a small percentage of the border at any one time due to its size. Illegals cross simultaneously in numerous desolate spots all along the border but they funnel themselves to the main routes as they travel inland. Having a checkpoint on these main routes at the end of the funnel is very effective and put the resources to good use.

    I am glad they are out there doing their job.
  44. Camp Pendleton is north of San Diego, south of Orange County. It provides a natural chokepoint on Interstate 5. There is about 200 yards of bare scrub to the west before you get to a rocky coast, and about 5 miles of bare hills covered by (sometimes live) small arms/artillery ranges to the immediate east. There aren't any exits south of there for several miles that actually go anywhere but to rear gates of Pendleton, or to frontage roads on either side of the Interstate, which are patrolled by Border Security.

    It's a very effective place to put a checkpoint.

  45. True. Watch the film "Mojados" ("Wets"), a documentary about how people sneak across the Mexican border. The movie is slanted towards the experience of the illegal immigrants, but it is very interesting. One item of interest in there is how stressed they are about being caught at or near the border. Once in the U.S. and away from the border they are far more relaxed. You guys can decide for yourselves if you think moving border enforcement further into the U.S. is a good idea, but bear in mind that it does expand the net. Not all illegal entrants are here to work hard and send a bit of money home to their families, there are lots of badguys (smugglers, human traffickers, etc.) that make their way across the same routes as the laborers.