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Can you accept me?

  1. I have a qestion.

    I'm new here,4 posts with this,I don't know nothing about handguns (I want to learn),next month I go to buy a Glock 27,I hope so,if possible.well true believer, can I enter in the club?
    Thanks good evening.
    I have a question.
  2. I strongly advise you not to buy a G27 as your first-ever handgun. You will be setting your development back. I know, since I made about the same mistake.

    Your first-ever handgun should be something ergonomic and easy to shoot. I would advise against .40, but regardless of caliber, get something big enough to hold onto.
  3. Welcome to the forum. For a first gun, you may want to try something a little easier to shoot, like a .22LR pistol or revolver, or even a 9mm pistol. Find a gun range that lets you rent guns, and try a few to see what works for you. Keep in mind that if you go with a .22 or 9mm, ammo will also be a lot chaeper, so you can shoot more for the same money.
  4. I totally agree with what has been said, a G-27 shouldn't be your first handgun. Also, if I remember correctly, post to the first sticky in this section to get a number.
  5. :thumbsup: + 0ne more. Bought my first Glock, a 27, a while back, and finally got around to taking it to the range. I also have a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum. It's been over 20 years since I have shot a handgun. In my memory (at 63, yeah right!), The Ruger was much less of a hand-full to shoot. I will receive my CPL in a couple of weeks, but will still not be carrying for a while, as I definetly have a way to go in getting a handle on this little missile launcher.

    I may have to move that much closer to maxxing out my Visa and get something a litle tamer to carry for awhile.

    If I had had enough sense to ask about it on this forum first, like you did, I very well probably would have revised my thinking. No matter what you calibre you decide on, a sub compact is not a good idea for a first handgun.
  6. First off let me say WELCOME.
    Start off with a .22 for a few good reasons. Bigger caliber handguns have more bark and recoil. I have seen this more than once, some jackass loads a .357 with magnum loads or some other type of higher power handgun, gives it to the newbie...BOOM. This jackass is laughing, the newbie is shaken up and all I can think to myself is we just lost another hopefull to our sport. Recoil from the bigger calibers, being that your new may give you bad habits i.e. flinching, anticipating, etc. a .22 should help minimize this. In your post you said "can I join the club", is their a gun club near you or do you have friends who would let you safely practice with a .22? Get training in proper usage of your weapon, their are NRA training classes all over the place. Then practice and practice often, one of the benifits of a .22 is low cost ammo. Low cost ammo equals low cost practice. You'll find out a .22 has a tendency when your practicing or plinking to put a great big:) on your face. They are just plain fun, enjoy.
  7. If I were you, I'd start off with something in either .38 special or 9mm. Either weapon would be good for the range or protection if needed. If I were going to train someone in the use of firearms and I knew he or she was very paranoid to guns, then it would probably be a .22 as a starter. Don't forget GOOD ear and eye protection. Now, welcome to the forum.:)