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If you change the serrated trigger, like in a G23, to the smooth the gun still considered 'stock' and allowed in all the 'stock' classes?

On the same idea....what about the putting in a slide stop lever like used in the G34 or G35?

And last but not least, how about an 'extended' slide lock.

Basically, I have a G23 and I want to be able to use it in as many of the GSSF classes as possible, especially....Amateur Civilian, Amateur Competition, and Master Stock.

I've read the PDF on their web site and it is not quite definitive enough.

For example, they say no 'aftermarket' extended slide Release levers. But what about the one that comes on a G17, G34, or G35. Can I put that one on other Glocks?

As for the extended slide lock, not sure how that would give someone a competative advantage. Sure makes it easier to take em apart for cleaning though...
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