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Can any employee of a PD qualify for Blue Label pricing?

  1. Is blue label pricing for sworn officers only?
  2. Volunteer firefighters, paramedics, security guards, any public safety personnel with proper identification.
  3. Hopefully they do the one time Vet purchase again.
  4. What's with this picture ID front and back on the Blue Label site?
  5. Active duty military, Guard, Reserve, Honorably discharged retired military, US Gov LE, POLICE/FIRE/EMS (first responders) Corrections and authorized Security..
    • Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County & City also includes retired L.E. officers with “retired” credentials (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics (with Picture ID from department front & back)
      Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D also includes retired Military with “retired” credentials
      (Military picture ID front & back)
      DD214/discharge papers do not qualify – If you cannot submit your ID please use our dealer locator to find a dealer in your area
    • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
      (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, etc.) Also includes State Licensed Armed Security Officers Employed by State Licensed Security Companies
      (with Employment Picture ID from company front & back) Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Court Judges
    • LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy
    • GSSF Coupon Recipients should contact GSSF for more information
  6. good question, must be something relatively new, as I only had to have certificate, dept. I.D before.

    no front and back photo I.D
  7. Each distributor plays by their own rules. They usually get in trouble when Glock audits them.
  8. To verify you actually hold the position you say you do?

    Sounds pretty reasonable. It's not saying the photo has to be on the front and back, just that the ID has a photo and both the front and back are examined.
  9. Nobody looked at the back of my ID during a Blue Label purchase. I think it means information on both sides. My ID would pass that test. The front says I am a sworn LEO. What does the back have to say?
  10. Worst case, sign up for GSSF.
  11. Our records clerk and the chief’s secretary have police dept IDs but on it they say what they do and says nonsworn on it. They don’t qualify.
  12. The shop I deal with always runs a photo copy of the front and back of my I.D. The front has a photo and identifies me as an officer. The back has verbiage to the effect of "This is to certify that the officer shown is a duly sworn officer with..... and it gives the agency name and address. Then it is signed by the Chief at the bottom.
  13. Yea, last year Glock offered this to any honorably discharged veteran but only a limited time offer. Pretty cool...

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  14. GSSF
  15. Correct.

    sworn officers, firefighters, EMT’s, etc etc
  16. 2018 I bought a G41 mos. Last year a G34 mos. Guess I got a thing for long slides.
  17. Easiest way, as previous mentioned, join GSSF and blue label every year!
  18. it's been answered. but the blue label discount extends far beyond those in blue. there are quite a few qualifying professions.

    I just got pricing on a 43X from my local one... $358 w/o sites, $431 w/ nite sites installed... temptation is STRONG!!!
  19. Some ID cards have additional information on the back.
  20. What about a church security team?

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  21. Good question, but I doubt it, unless they’re a public safety professional.
  22. We’re classified as unpaid church employees, have to qualify to carry and receive professional training.

    With the growing popularity of church security Glock should get ahead of this.

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  23. I agree, and I’d guess in time they probably will.
  24. Yeah, we have to have our IC license, go through a bunch of training, LEO pistol qualifying twice a year, local, state and federal background check and some other minor things. It would be nice if GLOCK would let us get the blue label pricing. I made the suggestion that all of us on the team should carry the same gun. Being able to use the same magazines would be a great thing.
  25. They all sure earned it.
    To bad more gun companies don't follow Glocks lead..
  26. Funny but we’re having the same discussion, I voted for G19 now if we could get a discount [emoji16]

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  27. Unfortunately, they do not include Animal Control Officers.
  28. You mention your documentation (creds/cards/pivs/I’D’s) etc etc but here at least in Central Indiana (SR Jenkins Police Supply) you show your stuff they (staff) verify it but...you sign an affidavit cause they say they can no longer make a copy of Federal credentials, anybody else?!?
  29. Most of our Church Security Team and two Pastors Qualify for BL Glocks.
    Most are Current or Retired LEO and train every six months.
  30. Through our distributor all our jailers, animal control, road crew, I even heard that one mechanic got a blue label gun. Our deputy cards all say “Deputy ####” on the back it says if you have a different title. “School Resource Officer” “Animal Control” etc.. don’t know how the mechanic got a blue label but good for him. We are hard on our vehicles
  31. It’s been
    I haven’t used the blue label program since 2008, and then all I had to provide was a copy of my Ohio department of public safety firefighter/paramedic certification.
  32. The 19 was my suggestion too!
  33. No.

    GSSF your only way for discount, since you aren't public safety.

    Glock's program not mine.

    I do believe in and support your being actively involved to protect others.
  34. Thank you for the answer and to the OP for bringing it up.
  35. Your welcome!
  36. FWIW, neither of those are "Long Slide" length (6.0-inch barrel) models. They are "Competition" length (5.3-inch barrel) models.

    The G17L is the ONLY 9mm Long Slide model.

    There is NO 45ACP Long Slide model.
  37. While I qualify for the Blue Label program, as an old veteran I take offense that National Guard, most who are not in harms way, qualify but combat veterans do not.