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Camry running perfectly, then just dies, now won't start

  1. Camry with the 2.2l 5S-FE

    Bought it about a month ago, great little car.

    Only thing I have dome other than clean it is run 2 cans of Seafoam through the fuel system.

    I was backing out of the drive, it dies, turns over great but will not start, almost like not getting fuel.

    Help me!
  2. could be so many things , u need to google and see if u can retrieve fault codes on the dash cluster and go from there
  3. Add fuel
  4. Have you checked the fuel pressure? Does it get spark?
  5. Fuel filter might be funky if the seafoam stirred the pot....

    Is there a check engine light on? What year is it?
  6. Sounds like timing belt or fuel pump or ignition .squirt a small or light shot of starting fluid in intake , if it fires it's fuel. If not Pull spark plug , reinstall plug wire & ground outside corner , have someone turn over does it have spark ?? Does it have compression on cylinder with plug out.one of those 3 tests will tell you where the problem is..

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  7. Seafoam is Bad, Mkay
  8. It needs 3 things. Fuel, spark, and air. Gotta figure out which it isn't getting
  9. :cow:
  10. I was going to say that. It's not a lawnmower.. With modern detergent gasoline and a car designed from the ground up to run on e10, i don't see the point..
    The 2.2 and the the 2.4 Toyota Camry motors are just about bullet proof...
    I've seen them go 200k or more with just half-assed maintenance done..

    Maybe you plugged the fuel filter, or else maybe the fuel pump?
    Is the check engine light on?
    If it is, get one of those cheapy OBD readers and see what it is, and if it's something you can attempt to fix yourself.
  11. Don't lesson to us, get a certified mech to check it out.
  12. One nice thing is that you don't have to drop the tank to change the pump or the filter. Labor charges, should you take it in shouldn't be too heinous...
    Some manufacturers aren't so nice... I'm looking at you Chrysler
  13. It's just the way the car is telling you to buy a new one. Luckily "Toyotathin Is On!!" Best time of the year to buy a new one is the word on the street.

  14. If you can, do a check your self unless you trust your mechanic. Get a Haynes or Chilton manual and start with cheap easy stuff like the fuel filter if your pressure is low.
  15. Did you check the muffler bearings? Brake light fluid?
  16. It was something like $60 for parts and $400 for labor on my Ford for a new fuel pump. Dropping that gas tank cost money.
  17. My dad always told me "a gas engine needs Fuel, spark, air, and compression. Diesel doesn't need spark. That's about all you need to know about engines, start tracing the pathways for those things."
  18. Gets spark. just learned how to check fuel pressurefrom @Deltic . If my niece ever relieves me, I will get out of the house and goto autzone and rent the gauge.

    Wont start so check engine light is always on, and it is a '93 with 144k


    It is a $1600 car, but I might have to do that

    NOPE! I will never buy a new car. Besides, I just got this to run errands and train dogs to stay in the back seat.

    Our library gives accessto those online for free :cool:

    Well DUH, did that right after I drained the oil and filled the crankcase with antifreeze for the winter. You think I am some kinda idiot :crazy:
  19. I suck at mechanical stuff, thanks.
  20. Wow, a little sarcasm goes a long way here :)
  21. dupe
  22. I did the same thing, something is up
  23. Cool! I like to have the paper kind but that's just how I am. Also looking at the illustration on a phone it can be hard to see little details.

  24. pfft ... phones are for on the road, PC all the way!, Thanks for your help!
  25. 93 is old, unfortunately that's before the advent of OBD2
  26. Don't ever remember a fuel pump going bad on a toyota or a honda for that matter. I don't think seafoam would hurt any thing. If your car has a timing belt and has been over 100k miles on the same belt, that would be my #1 guess.
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  28. When you get it running, put in Chevron Techron complete fuel system cleaner that also cleans the combustion chamber. I think its mainly for folks that don't use top tier gas, or have not in the past.

  29. Tow it to the nearest Honda dealer to have the trade-in value checked.
  30. One thing i didn't ask. How recently did you use the sea foam? It's possible it stirred up enough crap in your tank that your fuel filter or pump got clogged.
  31. That was my 1st thought as well.

    Who knows what sludge lurks at the bottom of the old gas tank, for example.... kick some of that old [email protected] up, get it circulating - <choke cough> goes a a fuel filter?
  32. I've worked with an old mechanic in his shop off and on for a few years. First thing we do is change the fuel filter and I've never seen it help.

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  34. I’m not 100% but I think that is an interference engine meaning when the piston is at top dead center it actually shares space with the valves. If the timing belt broke any cylinders with open valves the piston would come up and smash the valves. If that happened you would probably know.

    not trying to argue with you mike, just chiming in.
  35. Just remember the Otto cycle: Intake, compression, power, exhaust.

    Or: suck, squeeze, bang, blow!
  36. Scotty Kilmer..............................................................................................................................!
    BUT- being a Toyota that is now DEAD.....he may be stumped.
  37. If memory serves me, the 93 has a timing belt. I believe Toyota has moved entirely back to timing chains over the last 10 years.

    Good for them on that change. I hate timing belts.

    OP, if it just died and didn't make a strange noise, I doubt it is a timing belt. When a timing belt breaks and the engine jumps timing, you can hear it.
  38. Belt done ~20k miles ago :headscratch:

    Thank you!

    Last tank of gas, 1 refill post usage.
  39. Would probably be a good idea to change the fuel filter anyways
  40. I suppose you could check the fuel pump pressure before it goes into the filter but for no more effort and a few bucks why not put in a new filter?
  41. My money is on fuel pump.
  42. As someone mentioned earlier. I'd give it a shot of either to see if it fires, first. If it had been running OK and then abruptly stopped, I'd suspect something electrical. One thing you could do is pull fuses and re-seat them along with electrical connectors that are related to the ignition, computer or fuel pump. But be careful doing stuff like that or you could create more problems.

    Cam/ crank position sensors could be another area for a sudden stall but that's getting a bit more complicated to check out and I think they'd give you a trouble code. But that year is not very sophisticated in that area so who knows.

    One last thing, it could have been running way too rich and that caused it to die on you. You didn't notice any black smoke out the exhaust did you? This was a cold start, I take it.Sounds interesting though, it's fun working on stuff like this. If for nothing but to get a little education.

    Good luck.
  43. Thanks. I'll check the fuses, no black smoke, went from running like a top to nothing in a split second.
  44. Take it to a mechanic who knows what the F he/she is doing.