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Camping/Survival Gear, Knives

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Flotsam, May 13, 2004.

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    Oct 19, 1999
    CT USA
    Lowe Alpine Internal Frame Pack - approx. 5000 cubic inch pack, excellent condition. Blue & green Nylon construction - $65, delivered CONUS

    Lowe Alpine Rucksack - approx. 2200 cubic inch volume, black nylon, padded back - excellent condition - $45, delivered CONUS

    Emergency Pack:
    Nylon Pouch
    Emergency Poncho
    Emergency Mylar Blanket
    Pocket FM radio/LED light combo w/ battery
    Brunton 9041 Pocket Compass (new)
    (5) 20 ft lengths of british paracord
    Box of 32 strike-anywhere matches
    Star Flash Signal Mirror (new)
    (10) assorted wire ties
    Contractor Grade Trash bag
    Misc. Containers - add your own gear
    Mini-fishing kit
    Mini-sewing kit
    $SPF, delivered CONUS

    US Air Force Survival Manual - good condition softcover $8, delivered

    CRKT Cobra Gold folding knife (no longer produced) -good condition (has few scratches on blade), nylon sheath included - $SPF, delivered CONUS

    Gerber Folding Saw - used, excellent condition - $12, delivered CONUS

    PAAL Personal/Travel alarm - works as a door alarm or emergency alarm (can be used as a trip-wire alarm w/ a little imagination), has built in light, batteries included, new in case - $8, delivered CONUS

    Compact Camper's hammock - nylon netting w/ wood spreader-bars - $14, delivered CONUS

    Slumberjack Bivy tent, OD nylon, weighs a little over 2 lbs, stuffs down to about 6"x18" - $45, delivered CONUS

    Kershaw Echo (Ken Onion designed fixed blade knife) w/ custom concealex sheath - $25, delivered CONUS

    Sterile Suture tray - includes stainless instruments (needle driver, forceps, scissors, clamp), measuring cups, 6cc syringe, sterile gauze, paper drapes - would be handy for sirst aid kit, or the instruments could be used for hobbies (tying flies, etc...) - $12, delivered CONUS

    3M Brand Steri-Strips - 1/2"x4" variety, 6 sterile strips per pack. Far superior to standard butterfly bandages for closing small wounds. 5 packs for $5, delivered CONUS

    Leatherman Juice S2 - excellent condition - grey handles - $30, delivered CONUS

    Pics available upon request.

    Thanks for looking,

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    Nov 24, 2003

    Email pics to please. Thank You.