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CamelBak MedBak, EMDOM, AITES, TT, Paraclete

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by MedicmanMike, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. MedicmanMike


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    Mar 20, 2006
    Courtice, ON, CANADA
    For Sale:

    Paypal(+4%) Thanks.

    1 BRAND NEW CamelBak Medbak. Foilage Green. This turns any 3 Day assault pack into a Medic Bag. 2 Mesh Pockets on one side, 2 removable modules/pouches on the other side. $65USD.


    1 BRAND NEW AITES Claymore/Medical/General Purpose Bag/Pouch. Woodland camo.
    Supplies pictured are NOT included. Fully MOLLE Compatible. $36USD shipped.



    Entire Woodland Camo Rig For Sale. All pieces Brand NEW(BN) or Like NEW(LN)!!

    What is Included:

    1 X Tactical Tailor One Piece MAV(Woodland)---(LN)
    1 X AITES 1 Qt. Canteen Pouch w/1 Qt. Canteen(USGI)(Woodland)---(BN)
    1 X AITES MICH Comms Pouch(Woodland)---(BN)
    1 X Paraclete Flashbang/Smoke Grenade Pouch(Smoke Green)---(LN)
    2 X EMDOM Pistol Mag Pouch(Woodland)---(BN)
    2 X EMDOM SUV 4x4 General Purpose Pouch(Woodland)---(BN)


    $140USD Shipped