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calling Deenoh re: license renewal

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There have been posts here to the effect that it is now necessary to appear personally to renew a gun license. Really? Haven't appeared in person for any license in my life - car, gun, marriage, whatever (except in the U.S.)

Deenoh - can you expedite a non-appearance renewal? I would of course be willing to pay a reasonable amount for your services. I'll PM you too. I have a really heavy schedule next 2 weeks, partly out of town; would be good if non-appearance is possible.
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Originally posted by JuDGe
Renewed my G17 & Mossberg Shotgun (2yrs expired) last week, took me about two hours to finish with both license cards released to me.

Just bring a 2x2 picture, your original license card and photocopy of it.
JuDGe magkano penalty binayaran mo considering na 2yrs na expire yung G17 tsaka Shotgun mo?
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