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    In this video at about 0:37 and 1:37


    it looks to me like CalFire is at this which appears to be a structure fire. Anyone know how that works - are they regularly dispatched to building fires? Driving by and saw it?
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    Cal Fire is the primary fire department in many areas that are forested. They also are contracted for fire protection in many county areas. Probably a number of smaller cities as well, although I am not positive on the latter. This video was probably either in a contract area or they responded on mutual aid. They do have a pretty fair number of regular fire engines, as opposed to wildland rigs
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    A close friend who is a LT with the CDF aka Cal Fire out of Riverside has responded to calls in San Jacinto as it's a part of the area they service.
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    San Jacinto has Station #25 and Station #78, both manned by city firemen and paramedics.

    However, they are under the jurisdiction of Battalion 1, Riverside County Fire & Paramedics and can also be considered a Riverside County Fire Department and also named as a Cal-Fire group.

    Confusing - huh? .

    I played Bass with the firemen in the Anza #29 Fire station, and that was basically under the auspices of The Riverside County Battalion #1 Fire Department.

    Every department would roll on a fire in Anza, and even if it was on BLM or Federal forests, the County and State FDs would often times respond just to make sure that any possibility of fire spreading was minimized.

    Many times they shared tankers, since the hydrants were all non-op in what passes for the city of Anza.

    FWIW: Anza had a County, a State and a Federal fire department on the same campus. There was also a Volunteer Fire Department in Anza, but they never muster and I think they are the guys with the big red noses and floppy shoes that come crawling out of a miniature fire truck in parades.

    The Anza USFS (Wildland Fire) station was only manned during certain seasonal times - I believe it was at the height of the wildfire, non-structural fire season.

    Station #621 in Idyllwild did something kinda interesting though - they painted their city trucks WHITE.... the better to see them in a showstorm or in a drift. I don't know how they got away with that. Maybe they went privateer - I dunnow.

    Station #23 at Pine Cove, stayed with red trucks to signify that they are Cal-Fire.

    TYPICALLY - the following is a truism:
    USFS & Wildlands trucks are GREEN (LINK HERE) (LINK HERE) unless it is a support vehicle when it may be WHITE or E. YELLOW
    Cal-State trucks are generally RED (RIVERSIDE COUNTY LINK HERE)
    Individual County trucks can also be LIME GREEN or RED at the Battalion Chief's discretion
    City trucks can be SKY-BLUE PINK if they want to be, but they are usually YELLOW OR RED.

    I read your question and since I had nothing to do, I overreacted and put in 'way too much info.

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