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California Bay Area gun shops

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking into purchasing a Glock 21 as my first firearm. Does anyone know of a gun shop in the Bay Area (preferably in San Francisco), that carries this firearm?


  2. Uhh, didn't they outlaw guns altogether in the great state of Kalifornia??:rofl:

    Sorry dude I just couldn't resist that one, I like the new 45 myself!!
  3. I'd say screw San Francisco as far as gun stores go. I heard there were some good gun stores in Oakland, but am not sure of the name. Down here in San Jose, Sportsmans' Supply, Reed's, and the Gun Exchange all carry Glocks.
  4. Traders in sanleandro,I dont know if they sell guns anymore? Targetmaster in fremont?
  5. I relocated out of that hell hole but I do know if a great location. Try Marin Firearms they have the best prices north of the GG bridge.

    good luck:banana:
  6. And Bullseye Indoor Range is in marin on the way to Marin Firearms. Both small but good shops.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm thinking about hitting up some of the South Bay ones, as I'll be down there this weekend.

    Have you guys heard of Tabor arms in San Bruno? Are they exclusively a replica dealer? I saw them on Mythbusters the other night. Seems like their shop is largely focused on gunsmithing firearms from the 19th and early 20th.

    Thanks again!
  8. I buy mine from Irvington Arms in Fremont . Target Masters West is in Milpitas. They are slighty more expensive than Irv Arms, but they carry a bunch in stock. You'll only have to make 2 trips (buy/DROS and pickup) when you buy and someone has them in stock already. I can guarantee Irv Arms will NOT have any in stock. Reeds in San Jose has a huge selection. There's one in Pacifica that a lot of people speak highly of, I think it's called City Arms. Never been there though.

    Others I've never been to
    City Arms in Pacifica
    Imbert & Smithers in San Carlos
    Jackson Arms near SFO
    Bullseye in Marin

    Last week I went by both Irv Arms and Target Masters West (as usual) and they were asking a lot for the G19. If that's the model your looking for then plan to pay a lot more than market price. I don't know if it's California or what, but that model sure does cost a lot. ~$600. It might just be that the supply is down and the demand is still there. Who knows.
  9. If you're interested in going the solo FFL dealer route, send me a PM. I know a good FFL dealer in Marin County who can get you whatever you want, as long as itÂ’s legal. However, for your first gun, I imagine you want to do the walk-into-the-store thing.
  10. Thanks again for the info folks.

    My friend and I did some checking, and yea, the prices are up across the board. He bought his G19 a while back for around $500; the cheapest we could find in the area was $550.

    This is off-topic, but one of the shop-owners told us that the reason for the price-increase is the high cost of raw materials. He claims it's China's fault, but I'm sure there are a number of other reasons.
  11. Tabor shooters Supply Inc.
    471 El Camino Real
    San Bruno, Ca. 94066

    Frank Tabor is the owner. Stocks Glock, Sig, S&W, Ruger, Kahr. He's also a cowboy shooter.

    best, RG
  12. Let us know where u end up going and what kind of deal you get. I'm gonna get a G23 in the next few months and would love to hear that you got a great deal and where at.
  13. Bullseye in San Rafael is under new ownership and has GREATLY expanded. They took over the unit next door, blew out a wall, remodeled and now the store is about 3X's the size that it was. Good people and decent prices.
  14. High Bridge Arms is the only gun shop in San Francisco and I am sure they would appreciate your business. If you won't patronize them, consider City Arms in Pacifica.
  15. I like the sound of that.Id go there first.opps i havent lived or even been in San Jose since 1976.
  16. +1 on Irvington Arms...Good deals on Kimbers too. Thats the only place I'll do a PPT...

    TargetMasters is ok...good selection and its a plus that there is a range there as well..but most the staff is not knowlegeable...I'm not saying they are not...just saying there are only a few of them that can answer your questions. I did a PPT there and it took about an hour and a half.

    I think The Gun Exchange and Traders is currently waiting for their FFL so no gun sales at this time..
  17. Hey folks,

    I've been buying from Sportsmens Supply in Campbell. They offer great deals and have a very helpful staff. I've purchased several guns from them and have never had any problems.

  18. I'd suggest City Arms in Pacifica. Great prices and great customer service.
  19. anyone know of a place close to richmond? I looked online and couldnt find anything. I got my G23 from Canyon Sports in Martinez and they were very good (I thought) at helping me find the right gun for me and my wife. I do recommend them but they are a little far from me to go run and get ammo all the time.
  20. Bullseye in San Rafael...Just over the bridge. I'm in Richmond (on the hill) and its about a 10 minute drive via Hwy 580. Good group of guys...They get all my business.

    Edited to add: For just ammo...Big 5 in El Cerrito for a box or 2...or the Vallejo gun show to buy bulk.
  21. awesome thanks forgot about big 5 and the gun shows. They like have them every month or so
  22. At the advice of this thread I checked out Sportsmen's Supply in Campbell. They were very courteous, had a good selection, and fair prices. Surprisingly good prices on ammo for a gun shop too... The best part is that I'm now the proud owner of a M1A Loaded too :D (OK in 8 more days, but who's counting)
  23. highbridge arms san francisco. cesar chavez and mission
  24. I purchased 2 pistols from Highbridge...I had been referred to them by a buddy of mine. The first purchase went well and they treated me ok...The second purchase didn't go so well. Without getting into all the drama, needless to say, I wont EVER purchase another firearm (or anything else!) from Highbridge.

    On the other side of things, Bullseye has bent over back wards to make sure I was taken care of. Bill, the owner, is constantly making sure you're squared away...He gets all of my business.
  25. Yes, they are a great group of guys. The one store I'd stay away from would be Reed's, the sales staff sucks and will outright insult you because of gun choice. A friend of mine wanted to go see the 21SF and some other stuff at their Glock sale this weekend, so I tagged along with him. I wanted to try out a Hogue grip on my TRP Operator, and the *****hole behind the counter says to me "why dont you buy a REAL 1911?" and when my friend asked to try the grip out on his Kimber Pro CDP, he says the same thing. Then he REFUSES to sell my friend a gun because he cracked a joke about buying a .22 for his girlfriend, saying it was a straw purchase. All my friend did was make a joke, saying the .22 was for his girlfriend (since the dumb clerk behind the counter kept insisting on buying a higher caliber), but clearly stated several times he was buying it for himself. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys heads up, there's much better stores out in the area if you are a Reed's customer.