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Calif. seeks to adopt nation's toughest gun laws

  1. Calif. seeks to adopt nation's toughest gun laws


    Californicate.... a good place to be from or never go to..... let the illegals and the sheeple have it and biuld a fence around it.

  2. Perry already has ads running to attract business owners to TX from CA. He should do the same for gun owners.

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  3. The fence needs to be high ...... So many Kalifornians have moved to CO over the last few years bringing their Kalifornian ways with them ... Very sad.......:faint:
  4. Why does it seem like these people are fighting to out do each other?
  5. Wonder if their proposed ban on detachable mags would also include pistols?

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  6. Of course, it will. It will probably outlaw speed loaders too. I wouldn't be surprised if it outlaws smokeless powder and cartridges of all kinds too. For the children.
  7. They are also banning the possesion of hollowpoints or any self defense ammo, requiring a gun license just like a driver's license, and requiring gun owners to purchase gun "liability insurance". Not sure who will be providing that, I dont think Allstate has a gun policy.

    They used the term "assault bullets" to describe hollowpoints. Like the military uses hollowpoints. Stupid bastards.

    According to this bill, the only new handguns sold in CA after this will be wheel guns. As any handgun accepting a detachable magazine will be contraband and a felony to posess, their is no grandfathering in this bill.

    If you walk into a gunshop in CA it's gonna feel like walking into a gunshop in the 1950's, nothing but revolvers, bolt guns and double barrels.

    Will they have to fill out a different version of a 4473 to buy a box of ammo?

    I also saw a 500 round limit on ammuntion, it was vague, leaves me wondering if that means limit to 500 rounds purchased at a time, or over your lifetime.

    Whatever, just another reason to avoid CA like genital warts.

    This is likely to pass as well, you tend to get the government you deserve. Happy days are ahead for Leeroy and Dante in South Central, they already have 15 round NINEZ and AKs with dem hunet round drums. I feel sorry for the non-sheep that live in CA.

    Why anyone would live in that authoritarian wasteland is beyond me.
  8. Here in the Vegas Valley the fleeing Californians are managing to congregate mostly in one area. Of course, they still just don't "get it" and are trying to influence the local governments here. A popular bumper sticker here reads: "I don't give a damn how you did it in California."