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Calico 9mm?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has or has had any experience with one of these. I know someone who is wanting to trade me one for a shotgun of mine. I was kinda interested because of the 100 round drun on it. It really didn't feel too comfortable when I shouldered it but it would only be a toy anyway.

    So, does anyone have one and how are they? Accurate, reliable, and so on you know the normal type stuff. I have never had any experience with one and want to know something before saying yes or no. :dunno:
  2. I have heard they are good from a friend who had a 22 lr caliber one. I would like to have one.
  3. This one is a rifle version (obviously since I shouldered it) the sites are on top of the mag. I saw one a long time ago before the Klintoon ban. But never shot one or anything. Thanks for the input
  4. Shot one once. Nice gun, sucky sights. Don't know if they make some kind of mountable rail for an optic; such a setup would make it a lot more practical.
  5. They have never thrilled me, having never shot one in 9mm I can't comment, but I will put in a vote that they should have put the mag on the bottom years ago.
  6. I'm not going to lie I would actually make the trade if it were me. I'm sure the Calico M-900 is not inherently better than any other semi-auto rifle out there, but they seem like a rarity in gun shops and just seem cool. I love the shotgun for home defense, but you can get a good shotgun just about anywhere and it sounds like you may have more than one anyway.
  7. Check out gunbroker. Least I see any of them going for is $500.

    Its definatly a cool gun. I made a post about them here a while back and the concensus was that they are very reliable and good guns. Id jump on it.


    Found my thread for you:

  8. I know someone with the 9mm pistol and Carbine along with the 22lr carbine.:whistling:

    Very enjoyable guns to shoot. Both 9mm's have the laser mount adapters installed and the rifle has the scope sight. Very accurate and lots of fun to shoot. The pistol is heavy with the 100 rd mag and much easier to use with just the fifty. With the shell catcher on you will never have to look for the brass if you reload.

    The 22lr (with red/green dot scope) is a favorite to shoot. Cheap to use and very accurate.

    Never had a problem with feeding on any of them(common complaint). They are all fun and draw a lot of attention at the range. :cool:
  9. Pics........:wow:

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Arnold's movies used to feature lots of those Calicos.
  12. Classic Arms has them for sale as of last week, so check your prices to make sure you get a fair trade.
  13. Thanks everyone for the info special thanks to JP3975 for the link
  14. Glad to help.
  15. My son has a Calico 9mm pistol that we fired a bit when he still lived in Tx. We put a couple hundred rounds thru it in one session with no problems. The trigger pull was horrible, and that, combines with the balance (lack of!) made accuracy somewhat less than a conventional pistol, but all shots were in the big middle part of a sillouette at 25 yds. If it wasn't for stupid laws, the Calico 9mm could be made into a right handy PDW. We tried a .22 but it was kinda awkward, at least in pistol form. But I've thought about buying another 9mm after shooting my son's.
  16. I like Calico. A lot. It’s reliable and very accurate. It is also light and superbly balanced. Ergonomics are great. Bottom ejection, ambi safety, non-reciprocating handle, ultra high grip, mag changes are quick and intuitive. Mags have to be cleaned often though.

    Now for the bad news. Trigger is spongy, stock plastic is somewhat fragile and most importantly- factory sights SUCK. It’s a shame considering how well the rest of the gun is thought out. Also, the factory optics mount is a hideous contraption that brings to the table more problems than it solves.

    As soon as I got the weapon I designed my own sighting system for it which addressed all the flaws of the original.

    Here’s the pic of my high-school classmate and her 25 yard target the first time she picked-up this Calico. Off hand, WWB, Burris XTS. Now, the last weapon this gal shot was AK-74 in ’88.

    Every time someone says how pistol caliber long arms are BS I’m thinking of posting this pic: she is a newbie, now let me see you do that with your Kahr.
  17. It's rare enough that I would make that trade in a second

    various bluebooks show them at 400-700 or so. Add some $ due to rarity. Add more $ due to inflation (see prices paid on gunbroker for ANY gun for proof of inflation)