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One of my concerns is weather. When it is cold heavy clothing makes the two legged predators “more thickly skinned,” and inert fabric can sometimes plug even the most high tech hollowpoints and turn them into ball. History by and large tells us that if our ammo is going to turn into ball we want it to turn into BIG ball. Thus my preference for .45 in cold climes or for a single all weather pistol.

I often have to be in states where the law limits me to ten round mags. I have the benefit of decades of training and experience to the extent that there is little difference for me between .45 and 9mm in the speed/accuracy matrix so .45 gets the nod UNLESS I am flying in which case the weight limits let me carry a lot more 9mm in checked baggage than .45.

I hate to sound like a communist but this really IS a case of “to each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities.” And from our motorcycling friends (in regard to helmet laws originally, “ let those who ride decide.”

Insert additional cliches as necessary...

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