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Caliber Marking Variations on Glock Pistols

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by G17Collector, May 14, 2008.

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    Starting this off - I will modify as new info comes to light. It is not 100% (by a long shot), so if you know something, post here!


    1st Variation - 9x19 on slide only (Austrian Proofed G17,G17L, G18 and G19, 1st and 2nd Gen)

    2nd Variation - 9x19 on slide and side of chamber (Early 2nd Gen G17, G17L, G18 and G19)

    3rd Variation - 9x19 on slide and top of barrel (All late 2nd Gen 9mm Glocks and all 3rd Gen)

    .40 I know that the .40 caliber Glocks had at least 3 variations.

    1st Variation: was simply .40 on the slide and .40 on the side of the chamber.

    2nd Variation: The caliber mark was changed to .40 SW and was marked on the slide and top of the chamber. The lowest serial number I have observed is a G23 SL prefix, the marking ended between the CCP and CER range.

    3rd Variation: The caliber marking reverted to simply .40 on the slide and top of chamber.

    .357 SIG - two variations. I do not have any idea of the transition range.

    1st Variation: .357 SIG on slide and top of barrel. CDZ-prefixed G31s are known to have this marking. These may be one of the rarest standard production variations to exist.

    2nd Variation: .357 on slide and top of barrel.

    10mm Auto - two variations. The first variant is within the double alpha prefix.

    1st Variaition: 10mm on slide and side of chamber. To at least the UW prefix.

    2nd Variation: 10mm Auto on slide and top of chamber.

    .45 ACP - Two variations

    1st Variation: .45 Auto on slide, .45 on side of chamber (no Auto)

    2nd Variation: .45 Auto on slide and top of chamber

    .45 GAP Note that prototype G37s were marked .45 GLOCK on slide. I assume the top of the barrel was the same.

    1st Variation - .45 G.A.P on slide and top of chamber

    .380 Auto

    Unknown at this time, but I assume that markings will coincide with the above in the appropriate date of manufacture range.
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    My understanding is the 357 SIG was changed to 357 with the finger groove/rail frames.

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    Don't forget the 9x21, 9mmFX and 7.8x21AC :supergrin: