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Cali legal OC/knife???

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hey guys. A couple quick questions. Taking a trip to California, my ccw won’t work there. What’s legal as far as OC and folding knifes. I will be in the San Diego, Oceanside and Fallbrook area.

Also my Son is livingthere and wants me to bring his seven shot bolt action .22 mag rifle and pump shotgun. Shotgun is a mossberg maverick pump with 18” bl and aftermarket AR style telescoping stock. Any issues? Going by the California DOJ website it looks ok. Thx in advance.
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Check for local laws with specific areas you might be going to but as a general rule folding knoves are good as long as they are not locked open and concealed. No switchblades but assisted openers are ok as long as they require you to touch the blade to open.
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