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Caesar's dog "Daddy" has passed...

  1. Great dog. Great ambassador for the breed. It breaks my heart to hear
    this dog has gone.
  2. That dog was a true pitbull with the personality that the breed is supposed to have. Sorry to hear that he's gone. Anyone know if one the pups he sired will become the new "featured" dog for Caesar?
  3. So sad. I really loved Daddy. I watched for him every episode. He was a great pup. RIP Daddy.
  4. My kids always got a good laugh at Daddy because of his overlarge swinging assets. They thought he was a cool dog.
  5. That dog was hilarious. A chihuahua would snap at him and he would lay on his back with a big dumb smile on his face and his tongue hanging out.
  6. I think the dog that will be taking Daddy's place is the blue pup Junior in the video. IIRC, Cesar said that on an episode a while back.
  7. R.I.P. Daddy. :crying::sadangel: An awesome dog for sure. He will be missed.
  8. that`s too bad,he was a great dog and a great representative to the breed.
    R.I.P. good dog!
  9. Love the show. R.I.P Daddy, you good and faithful friend. Damn, got an eyelash or something in my eye. :crying:
  10. Agree completely... A great dog for a breed that gets way to much bad press that completely overlooks negligent owners.

    RIP Daddy!

  11. allergies actin up again....RIP Daddy
  12. Wow, that sucks.

    Daddy was truly a balanced dog and helped countless other dogs have a full and balanced life.
  13. I only saw Daddy a few times on TV, but he certainly made a positive impression. I'm sad to hear that he's passed.
  14. Funny how my eyes get all blurry when I think about such a great dog
    being gone.