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Cabin by the woods

  1. I did a search and it didn't look like there is a thread yet. I'm not much for horror type movies, but Joss Whedon directed it (that was enough to get me in a seat). This was one of the best movies I've seen in awhile and was probably the best horror movie I have ever seen. Anyone else seen it yet?
  2. Here is my cabin IN the woods.
  3. Yes, but does yours have zombies?
  4. Perhaps Zombie Bears. The ghosts of all the bears we have hosed around there.
  5. A zombie bear...Now that would really suck

    Its getting rave reviews as one of the best horror movies ever in a long time!
  7. Yup, a tv commercial kind of ruined one of the pivotal points in the movie for me (I won't say which one).
  8. I saw it yesterday. I agree that it was awesome but have to say that it's still #2 next to "Evil Dead"... But only by a hair.

    The previews/trailer definitely does take away from the surprise for sure.
  9. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a while and Top 5 horror movies for me. I too did not let myself read anything about it or see any previews after the first teaser I saw for it. After see the high rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes I had to see it.

    First thing I thought of when I saw the cabin was Evil Dead. Love that 'trilogy'.
  10. The girlfriend and I saw it Saturday. We both really liked it. I think the audience we saw it with was mostly 60+ year old ladies. Kind of weird.
  11. It actually was NOT directed by Joss Whedon. It was directed by Drew Goddard under the watchful eye of producer and co-writer Whedon.

    No, I've not seen it yet. Yes, I know the premise/story. And yes, I'm quite eager to see it.
  12. It's not even close to being a horror movie. It's an action comedy. Liked the idea, but I thought the execution failed. The two separate parts didn't let them concentrate on either one enough.
    For a new take on a not horror horror movie, I'd go with Tucker and Dale vs Evil.
  13. I've seen just about everything he's done and the one thing I'm certain of is that his fingerprints are all over it. No Whedon fan will be dissapointed.
  14. Any nudity? Some of them chicks are hot.
  15. Goddard is one of Whedon's protégés. I have no doubt that Whedon was looking over his shoulder, but Whedon was also making The Avengers at the same time this was rolling.

    Goddard was the co-writer of this movie (The Cabin in the Woods) with Whedon, along with episodes of Buffy, Angel, Alias, and the movie Cloverfield. This IS his directorial debut, though.

    I agree that there is most definitely a "Whedonesque" style that is probably quite evident. Being "raised" by Whedon no doubt has left its mark on this guy.
  16. Yup. You get some blonde girl boobage.
  17. The frustrating thing is that there is almost nothing about it that we can discuss without ruining it for others. Outstanding movie. The stoner was by far my favorite character. Eric

    And BTW, Joss Whedon is the freaking man. NOBODY gives dialog like him. Tarantino tries, but Whedon is much better. I'd love to see those two do a movie together. EP
  18. Great. Now I'm afraid of Zombears!
  19. I'm gonna watch that flick then.
  20. I'll be thinning the herd out for you soon. Rest easy, friend. I got it covered.:cool:
  21. i just watched it. it was a great idea but it fell sort of short of what they could have done with it. in my humble opinion i think the entire movie would have been 110% better if the ending was a tentacle instead of a hand, but that's just me. i almost fell off the couch when i saw the puzzle ball, and then i laughed until pepsi shot through my nose when i saw the blatant pinhead ripoff. lol

    my vote for best line of the entire movie goes to "HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO KILL A BUNCH OF ******* 9 YEAR OLDS?!?" LMAO
  22. I saw it in the theater. It was great.

    Zombie Midget Greased Clowns.
  23. or a retarded slug looking merman ,the premise was differnt and when you say the cube it had wow factor but after that it brought it down quickly to cheesy ,i was thinking if they pop up a bigfoot im turning it off lol

    and again the biggest hole of all , there is no way it could kept secret , people ,,hikers , campers straying up there ,sooner or later folks gonna look where their loved ones are missing , no way it could be a secret for eons .
  24. Is it in Theaters, Red Box, Netflix?
  25. i just rented it this morning from itunes so it should be at redbox and probably from netflix.